Friday, February 29, 2008

puppies, bleach and ratburger's new clothes

on wed n and i took bronson to the dog park.

he's totally lord of the dirt mound.

while there, i played puppy paparazzo.

here's the soundgarden. (for p)

every time i see that sculpture i get "big dumb sex" stuck in my head. not a particularly good song to absentmindedly sing in public. just, you know, fyi.

hey! it's a bleach painting! (i love to do those. (they look better when they're fully dry though.))

for, you guessed it, suspect and fugitive.

ratburger got some new clothes!

gr sticker from chotda (thanks, chotda!!) and the cassette death vinyl from deadworry.

seattle readers, if you see me around town (since those stickers make my computer kinda' stick out) don't be afraid to say hi. if i look disoriented, freaked out and exhausted, don't worry! i always look like that.

rest assured that, despite appearing vaguely cracked out, i will return your "hi" with a "hello" or perhaps a "howdy" if i've been watching spaghetti westerns again.

all right, time to get a move on. it's a busy day and i have a mexican coke to drink!

150 calories of pure cane sugar bliss!! *drooling*


Birdie said...


i love the stuff you do for suspect and fugitive!!! i could totally copy the tidy cats one just because our litter box is a certified mess...

r4kk4 said...

mexican coke is soooooo goooood!

thanks! our litter box is under control 'cause it would be AWFUL if i didn't stay on top of it. (four cats = horrid mess, you know. (two cats are mine, two are the bf's...we're the brady bunch of cats.))

Shannon said...

Mexican coke = heaven!! The best stuff!!

Matt said...

Wow, such a handsome dog... I'll bet he's well-behaved as well. What a credit to his owner he must be!

r4kk4 said...

it is soooo good, shannon!

yeah, whoever owns that bronson dog should get a medal, matt. ;D