Friday, February 08, 2008

hilllary's staffers are not so good at planning last minute events, more thingaday, a present

i'm going to open with a photo of the cutest little girl (EVAR?? perhaps.) at the hillary clinton rally last night because in a few more words i'm going to sound curmudgeonly. so, check it out.

doesn't she make your heart melt just a little bit? don't you have a renewed feeling of hope just seeing how happy she is to be learning about the inner workings of democracy? (please don't be pedantic about her sign. she tried. it's cute.)

but now more to the point. did you trudge to pier 30 last night like the other 5,000 plus of us last night?


did you bemoan the lack of public transportation, parking and the general absence of, oh, dare is say it planning?! 'cause i did.

who the fuck holds rallies at pier 30?!? there's not enough room!!

n and i left before hillary took the stage. i've been assured that it was an adequate speech but, really. she needs better staffers.

may i also add, BRING ON OBAMA AT THE KEY!!!

right. end politics. here are two more of my thingaday entries. my last item in the "japanese pop" category was an ultraman cat toy.

obligatory ultraman cat toy with cat photo.

i've started a new theme this week. it's lame in that it's "valentines". (look, i've been busy. although i have to admit its general lameness as a topic makes me feel like a clinton staffer. (oh. snap.))

anyway, my first valentine is based on my favorite gang of four song, "anthrax" and it's a pop up to boot!

pop up directions here.

two last things before i bolt out the door to wait in line at the key. first, leff got me a surprise!

aw!! it's a pinoko!! isn't he sweet!?!

he got himself these toys.

2) it's a narboo sticker!

now, as stated, i *really* need to get a move on if i'm going to see obama. i'm betting that the key is packed!

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