Monday, February 11, 2008

obama mania! plus an opening that i squeezed in and a few things that i made

i don't know if you seattleites heard about it or not, but, you know, obama was at key arena on friday...

bwah-haa-haa!! of course you heard about it. you were probably there! the question is this: were you lucky enough to make it inside? n and i were!

we got in line early (9am) and made it through the doors 15 minutes before they were shut on these poor folks. i heard that c and t are in the very crowd pictured below.

now before you get to hating on me for making it into the key, i have to tell you a tale of woe. more appropriately, a sentence of woe: i had to leave the rally 16 minutes before obama took the stage!!

argh!@#!#@ the screaming and the gnashing of teeth! but, you know, i had a situation that was pressing and couldn't be ignored and which i'm not going to discuss. (those of you involved know what happened. that's all that matters.)

long story short, after much cursing and kicking of pillows, i caught most of the rally on nwcn.

le sigh...

later that night, i met leff, b and c, m and s, and two other couples whose initials i've forgotten at the rendezvous for drinks, etc before hitting the opening for "a cabinet of natural curiosities" at roq la rue.

if i had a spare $3,200 laying around, this chris roth would be MINE!! (i'd let you look at it though.)

how much do i love junko mizuno? thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

leff was smitten by davey's work. thankfully, not bitten 'cause i don't think he'd enjoy the rabies vaccination.

saturday morning was leff and my first ever caucus. we arrived super early (noon) because we hadn't registered to vote in washington state yet.

things were pretty deserted at our precinct table. just us, some democratic napkins

and one craaaaazy lady who kept scaring people away. um, including us after we cast our votes.

so, yeah, i missed the speech part of the caucus but i think i'm ok with that. i have unwavering support for my candidate and no one was going to change that. (also, i don't like to foist (nor hoist) either my petard or political opinion on others if i can help it. (um, kindly ignore all the stuff about obama on this page. kthxbai!))

ok, so enough about politics! here're some things that i made for thingaday.

conversation heart cookies.

a lot of those are inside jokes with the bf. sorry 'bout that.

i used the leftover dough to make "fucking hippie cookies".

i know, i know, they would've been more impressive if they'd been grateful dead bears but i hate the dead and don't want to spend any more time than i need to (which is none) thinking about them.

lastly, a "radar love" drawing.

it could alternately be a "satellite (dish) of love" but i'll stick with the first title even though i like the lou reed song better.

happily, my week seems to be almost obligation free at this point! ok, no, it's not. still, the next seven days i will be neither freezing my ass off for democracy nor nosebleeding for obama.

i'll probably still be chanting "caucus, caucus, caucus" and dancing in my single person conga line though. it's so damn catchy!


Matt said...

Sadly, I am more than passing familiar with a few of those inside jokes...

Viva Obama!

r4kk4 said...

bwah-ha!! i'm sorry that you're acquainted with those too.

still, it's hilarious in retrospect....almost. ;D

viva obama!!!