Wednesday, February 27, 2008

squid, velma and peeps (oh my!)

remember the squid ink that i picked up the other day? i got around to using it on tuesday.

(for suspect and fugitive.)

it's really condensed stuff, slightly fishy smelling (the cats were really into this drawing) and *super* black. i am in love with this ink! but i don't think i'll buy it again because, well, you know, i feel bad about dead squid. (it's left over vegetarian guilt. cut me some slack! i was veggie for seven years!)

anyway, speaking of squid, our plush one is voting for obama.

i didn't even know it was paying attention to election coverage!

here's an orange velma or maybe a velma in an orange. on an orange? whatever, it's for the bf. oh, and thingaday which is, thankfully, almost over.

when i purchased my squid ink, i also picked up this adorable felting book.

t! i'm trying to figure out how to make the cover hedge! if it ends up looking like more than a blob, it'll be yours!

i'm also working with peeps.

surprisingly, not for my other blog but because the chicago tribune is having a peeps contest.

also because i've had this tacocat song stuck in my head for weeks.

due to my knee injury, i haven't been out of the apt much so all that's left is a goofy cameraphone image likely to freak out one person in particular. hey, leff!



sweetcheese said...

Oh, didn't you know? The cephalopod community is totally for Obama. (It's his stance on the economy that sold them.)
Yay Obama!

r4kk4 said...

hahaha!! the cuttlefish delegates *do* love him! :D! it's obamaMANIA under the sea!