Wednesday, February 27, 2008

holy crap, uk readers!

an earthquake?!? how are you doing? (i know there weren't many injuries but i'm still wondering how you're holding up.)


Phil Wilson said...

My wife felt it last night but thought she was going mad, because of course we don't have earthquakes! I had no idea what was going on in the news in the morning, either, but all in all it think it was pretty minor.

Camilla said...

I'd just got back into bed after topping up the painkillers and thought I was just having a really quick reaction to the drugs. That or the fact there was some mystery beast under my bed shaking it. I fell asleep and only realised it was an earthquake when I saw it on the news this morning. It reminded me of when I was staying in San Francisco and I was sure I was experiencing an earthquake until I realised it was just a train going by.

r4kk4 said...

i'm glad she's not going mad, pip! (still sucks that it was an earthquake though.) i'm also glad that you didn't suffer any property damage.

oh weird, camilla! that must've been *way* disorienting! :(

oh noes! haha!! trains can be weird if you're not used to them. an aside: i used to live near the tracks in memphis and my roomie's dog would always howl when the train whistled. so. annoying!

Irregular Shed said...

Pfff, it was nothing. We have earthquakes all the time and life continues, but when San Francisco gets one, oh boo hoo!


wastedpapiers said...

I think hazel woke up first at around 1a.m. and said something like "What's that?" and through bleary eyes the end of the bed and wardrobe seem to be vibrating in a weird way! We imagined all kinds of things-poltergeists, aliens, giant rats? We lay awake ages trying to figure it out and wonder if it would happen again. We only found out in the morning when I turned on the TV news. All the minor damage was over in Lincolnshire so we got let off lightly. Scary though to think the earth's crust is moving about all the time on molten rock!
Apparently we have about 200 "earthquakes" a year but most are so tiny or out at sea we dont experiance them.

Thanks for your concern though rakka!

r4kk4 said...

bwah-ha! that's exactly how it's being reported here in the u.s., shed! all "reserved british".

well, you know, except the bit about san fran isn't included. ;D

i'm glad that you, hazel and archie are all ok, michael! (am also glad you don't have giant rats! ;D)

it's seems like the earthquake was more slightly confusing to everyone (since lots of people were asleep when it happened) than anything else. that's great news!