Monday, December 31, 2012

new year's resolution bs post

new year's resolution by Rakka
new year's resolution, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
yay! last day of another shit year! will next year be better? WHO KNOWS

you want resolutions? fine, i will give you resolutions.

1) look at the accompanying photo ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED MARK OFFA LIST

2) spend as little time in washington state as possible. this is the same goal as i had last year. the times when i was not in fuckwad land were THE BEST parts of last year. so, i am saying to all of you who know me DO YOU WANT COMPANY IN 2013 BECAUSE I CAN BE COMPANY JUST ASK ME TO VISIT OK

also, i am trying to go to either south america or asia. we will see how that turns out depending upon ticket prices.

also, also, still looking at iceland in late oct/early nov.

and maybe london in april.

3) idk something will probably come up

4) make people refer to seattle as "the tacky".

enjoy your end of year revelry if this is something you do. i have been to enough shit parties in seattle to know that i am not going to bother because, god, parties are always such shit in the tacky. it's a much better use of my time to plan trips away from this suckhole, so i will be doing that.

happy 2013, etcs.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

love will tear us apart. again.

love will tear us apart by Rakka
love will tear us apart, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

tonight i made joy division lanterns.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

this is about as holiday as it gets here

elf toe by Rakka
elf toe, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

lookit. this pepper has elf toe.

what did you do on boxing day?

brand new faucet yay by Rakka
brand new faucet yay, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

leff installed a new faucet. HOW KICK ASS IS THAT

our old one was all leaky and horrible but now that mess is fixed. BEST HOLIDAY PRESENT EVER THANKS LEFF


hellcat by Rakka
hellcat, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

TRUTH! peel IS a hellcat!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


cinnamon rolls by Rakka
cinnamon rolls, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
my teeth hurt after eating these but IT IS OK it is worth it for the lols i have because of the icing. yes, i am 12.

d day has arrived

and since i am a nice sort of person, i will be posting things throughout the day. things like this short video of fuji jumping over me.


 she can never sit still, that fuji.

more scintillating things of this nature are sure to show up during the next few hours. so if you're totally over your family, why not check in from time to time? it will be just as boring but i won't harangue you about your political views or when you're going to have kids, etc.

Monday, December 24, 2012

three unlit owls

three unlit owls by Rakka
three unlit owls, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.


i am so sleepy.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

'cause you can't, you don't and you won't POP

jiffy pre pop by Rakka
jiffy pre pop, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
jiffy pop is kinda' a misnomer. it should be "moderately quick pop" but i guess that's not as catchy.

what is this tree

this tree has a ball by Rakka
this tree has a ball, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
i can't even with this tree. i saw it on the street on the way back home today and it brought the crushing holiday depression hardcore.

i hope you are not as sad as me or this tree. if you are, please remember that it's only about 12 more days and then we don't have to deal with this shit again until 2013.

if you aren't, hooray! have a great holiday or whatever!

Friday, December 21, 2012


leff gave me an owl by Rakka
leff gave me an owl, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.




Tuesday, December 18, 2012

how i wrap presents

how i wrap presents by Rakka
how i wrap presents, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

admire my level of commitment to holiday cheer. it is SOOO jingle balls up in here.

Monday, December 17, 2012


embroidraaarey by Rakka
embroidraaarey, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
today i made a sexy neanderthal embroidery.


this egg is cracking up

this egg is cracking up by Rakka
this egg is cracking up, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
still trying to keep things upbeat in this part of the world but it is getting ever more increasingly difficult.

STILL two new full spectrum light bulbs in the living room. ALSO i did not screw up the timer on the coffee pot last night so there is coffee. AND there are some goofy surprises that i sent to a few people. i am looking forward to their reactions. (that is what is really keeping me going, if i'm honest.)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

green with fluff

fuji by Rakka
fuji, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
here is some more fluffiness in case you need it.

hello, fujiko! (^∇^)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

warm and fuzzy

sleepy clouseau by Rakka
sleepy clouseau, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

here is a sleepy clouseau in case you need it. just because.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

three more shirts

three more shirts by Rakka
three more shirts, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
here are three more of my shirts that have been retired from rotation.

i think i like this better than wearing them because i can actually see the front of them, you know?

edit:  what is up with that weird cropping, blogger? you can TOTALLY NOT SEE my puerto rico cave shirt! COME ON

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

nothing much has been going on here...

retired shirts by Rakka
retired shirts, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

...other than your standard holiday crap. but OH i framed some of my tshirts that needed to be culled from my wardrobe. there they are on my wall.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

krampus lantern

krampus lantern by Rakka
krampus lantern, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

here is krampus, here is krampus, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

i guess i am more into decorating for the holidays this year than i thought.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

set of three

set of three by Rakka
set of three, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

seriously. i don't really do much of anything for the holidays because, well because.

i like tiny colored lights though. these three jars of them are in the kitchen.

xmas lights

xmas lights by Rakka
xmas lights, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

here is how i "decorate" for the holidays. which is to say, i don't really do much.

what to do when life gives you lemons

cake in a lemon by Rakka
cake in a lemon, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

hahah that title. god.

anyway, today i made cakes in lemons.

it's pretty much just a twist on making a cake in an orange like you did in scouts or whatever 'cept i didn't bother building a fire. OH YEAH ALSO LEMONS NOT ORANGES.

click through here for the set for visual steps if you need them. basically though, just cut open some lemons, squish out the innards, fill 2/3 of the way with white cake mix and bake for 20 min at 350f.

the result is a sort of a lemon custard thing. enjoyable, i suppose. but not as fun as the noise the lemons make when you're not all precious about disemboweling them.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

tiny thants embroidery

tiny thants embroidery by Rakka
tiny thants embroidery, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

yay! it is a tiny thants embroidery!

oh look! it's a "work in progress" kind of day

tiny canvas by Rakka
tiny canvas, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

what do you know! i managed to stretch the world's most ridiculously sized canvas this morning without staple gunning myself in one of my fingers! everything is, indeed, coming up milhouse.

finished piece by this afternoon? sure, i guess so. well, if it doesn't suck. also, please to not be getting your hopes up because this is just ridiculous from every angle. um, as usual.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

i'm jack white, motherfucker!

motto to live by by Rakka
motto to live by, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
too fucking right i am.

ed note: i am not REALLY jack white nor do i play him on television. this is a joke that maybe two people will get. enjoy, you two.

Monday, December 03, 2012

look at me, repurposing

finally, a use for pennies by Rakka
finally, a use for pennies, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

title best read in lucille one's voice.

I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A USE FOR PENNIES but my hands smell like metal now. maybe i will throw a penny at the jar of pennies.

another thing that i made

ginger scallion oil by Rakka
ginger scallion oil, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

so this is going to be the last post of the day. it's not nice to fill up feed readers, right?

i've been making this ginger scallion sauce/oil/stuff for a couple of years now. recipe is here. it is pretty much just wok oil. but WHATEVER WOK OIL IS TASTY

i usually use it on baked chicken over basmati or jasmine rice but leff eats it on almost everything. it smells FANTASTIC and people will think you'll have used some magical kitchen witchery when they eat it. but HA JOKE IS ON THEM it is only oil, ginger, green onions and salt.


ginger lemon cookies

ginger lemon cookies by Rakka
ginger lemon cookies, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
yes, it's true. i did say that i wasn't baking and mailing out treats this year. you're right! i'm still not! these are staying local, sadly, as a friend of ours is in town for a very awful reason so cookies needed to be made.

but, hey, make these even if you don't need an emergency batch. here's the recipe. i omitted the crystallized ginger because 1) didn't feel like hopping the ferry to uwajimaya 2) didn't feel like crystalizing ginger at home. they're still really good if you leave it out.

and now we start this new way of blogging

HERE ARE SOME OWLS, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.

it looks like things are going to be going short form. yay! i guess. it might mean more frequent posts? who the fuck knows.

anyway, since i am changing things so much, i thought i would GIVE YOU SOME OWLS to soften the blow so HERE ARE SOME OWLS. see you in a minute with some cookies.

Sunday, December 02, 2012


lemon fist by Rakka
lemon fist, a photo by Rakka on Flickr.
blogger has put a cap on photos. SURPRISE! so i will be having to change my blogging format because HAHAH i am not paying for picassa photo storage.

anyway, here is a test using my lemon fist. woo.