Tuesday, March 31, 2009

edible update

i finshed the fawn for fire bringer. hooray!

the oak leaf pattern is made from marzipan.

highlights and fawn spots are made from sesame seeds. which means this fawn is made from rice krispie treats, marzipan, food dye and skewers. (i really wish that the pocky legs had worked.)

speaking of legs, this fawn *does* have four. the second front leg is hidden behind the first.

lots more edible book work to be done! i'll post updates as warranted.

edible book festival this saturday!

after a year hiatus, the seattle edible book festival is back! as such, you know what's been the primary focus at casa rakkaleff. (well, besides trying to learn japanese for a possible upcoming trip to tokyo. but more on that as it develops.)

that's right, kids! edible book prep! want a sneak peek on the behind the scenes? ok!

the pocky legs in this picture had to be replaced, unfortunately. this is because the marzipan was too greasy and kept making them snap.

i replaced the pocky with skewers. so this isn't entirely edible.

tomorrow, barring any unseen craziness, i'll start working on small fondant pieces. (i made a huge batch of marshmallow fondant this morning. whee!)

i *do* have some seriously awesome news but i'm not sure that i can tell you about it until may. sorry.

Monday, March 23, 2009

some things we've done since i last wrote

i would apologize for not being around this blog much anymore buuut, no. i'm still enjoying the break.

leff and i have been busy as usual. but since most of it is busywork, etc, i'll just give you three highlights.

i caught the "lucy's legacy" exhibit at pacsci before the fossil skipped town.

since i didn't use the audio wand thing (i hate those.) i skipped ahead of most of the people who had entered the exhibit with me. this meant that i had lucy to myself for the most part which was incredible.

leff, b, c and i made it to the second rat city roller girls' bout at the key.

lots of fun! but beer is ridiculously overpriced, of course.

this weekend, leff and i were lucky enough to be able to walk on the viaduct while it was closed.

fantastic! (leff has better pictures, naturally.)

while on the tour we found out that our lease expires roughly around the time that work on the second phase of mercer ave construction begins. so it will be adios to lqa for us!

for real. i have no desire to navigate nor listen to that.

let's see...what else? oh, yes! i'm abandoning my twitter account again. no reason other than that i'm bored with it. if leff and i do any traveling as we're planning on doing later in the year, i might reactivate it then. 'cause i KNOW how much everyone enjoys reading about when my flight has landed.

k, i've got to start embroidering for my next show. (i'll post updates regarding that one as they become available.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

another heads up!

hey there, seattle area readers! back in january, the nice folks at "evening magazine" came by casa rakkaleff to film a segment about suspect and fugitive.

well, guess what! the segment airs THIS THURSDAY, 3/19 at 7 pm on king 5!

i've totally already started barfing from nerves.

anyway, it should be available on their website after the initial air date for any of you out-of-towners who might be interested in viewing it. wish me luck controlling the nerve related barfing on thursday! i'm gonna' need it!

edit: here's the video

Friday, March 13, 2009

just a heads up!

just a heads up, chitterlings! my next show is opening on april 11 in lovely slotown, ca!

i'm *really* excited about this show since the curator always, always, always knocks my socks off!

leff and i may be attending the opening. so, hopefully, we'll see you there!

Friday, March 06, 2009


sometimes after a long week you need to make the most craptacular blingee (oxymoron? why, yes) you can think of to feel better.

ps-if the gif stops working, too bad. i'm not fixing it.