Tuesday, March 31, 2009

edible book festival this saturday!

after a year hiatus, the seattle edible book festival is back! as such, you know what's been the primary focus at casa rakkaleff. (well, besides trying to learn japanese for a possible upcoming trip to tokyo. but more on that as it develops.)

that's right, kids! edible book prep! want a sneak peek on the behind the scenes? ok!

the pocky legs in this picture had to be replaced, unfortunately. this is because the marzipan was too greasy and kept making them snap.

i replaced the pocky with skewers. so this isn't entirely edible.

tomorrow, barring any unseen craziness, i'll start working on small fondant pieces. (i made a huge batch of marshmallow fondant this morning. whee!)

i *do* have some seriously awesome news but i'm not sure that i can tell you about it until may. sorry.


Wesa said...

Wow that turned out really freaking awesome.

r4kk4 said...


i feel like i have to "make it work" as it were 'cause it's for a benefit, you know?