Sunday, July 26, 2009

get ready for a ton of pictures OR how we're adjusting to bremerton

as promised, here's a "catching up" post. get ready for a metric shit ton of pictures.

bremerton is pleasantly quirky. this is probably something of which you were not aware. (i wasn't.) see for yourself...

it's also quite lovely. and, no, i'm not being sarcastic.

we're lucky enough to live near evergreen park which means that we have access to the waterfront. this is something that i desperately missed while living in seattle. (and, no, myrtle edwards doesn't count in my book. two access points and nowhere to eat, drink or hang out? uh huh. greeeeeeat.

i'm talkin' 'bout something along the lines of the inner harbor. btown has that in a smaller capacity. it's nice.)

in addition to water, balloons and shit, there's also a really beautiful art deco library. here is a corner.

inside of that beautiful art deco library are books that i want to read.

ok, look. i'm not gonna' piss on the seattle public library system. it *is* really great. but as i've stated elsewhere on the internet, there are too many people who use the hold system to make it effective for popular or heavily cited books. in bremerton, i've gotten the exact same books (that i'd had on hold in seattle for months) often in the same week.

so, yeah. i love the kitsap regional library system.

i also love the tiny antique stores here that are vaguely reminiscent of bojo's in memphis. (it's worth a trip to memphis for bojo's and the pink palace museum. skip the elvis shit. trust me. i lived there for 7 years.)

where was i? oh yes. after searching for appox 20 years, i found these moss posters in bremetron FOR $8!!

clouseau was excited about that score as well although you can't tell it here.

this lavender didn't really have an opinon, however.

and now we move on to the food portion of our entry. since living in bremerton, i've made my own yogurt (set with directions here)

and had some really tasty pancakes.

i've also gotten reacquainted for not overpaying for things that we eat. it's nice not having to pay a seattle snobbery tax.

this black licorice ice cream? $2.50 usd. AND i procured it without having to stand in line with a bunch of hipster douchebags for an hour. it's WONDERFUL!

we've also been grilling. here are some hot dogs from the 4th. how freakin' patriotic.

we walked to mcgavin's one weekend

and were lucky enough to get to try their pink champagne cake!

look, i'm WAAAAAAY over the whole cupcake thing but the above photo is useful for illustrating that 1) it's not overpriced for what it is 2) samples are always good.

last weekend we ventured to port orchard where we had lunch at myrhes.

an actual diner that hasn't been yuppified/canibalized/destroyed. i had to pick my gaping jaw off the floor before i could eat my potato salad.

another wonderful place (this time back in bremerton) is samudra yoga and coffee. check the menu. oh yes, cold brewed coffee that doesn't cost $5 per cup.

also, they have INCREDIBLE baked goods made on site.

i love samudra. and i'm not just saying that because they're our neighbors.

pretty much the only other thing that i've been doing is working on the house. the living room is coming along quite nicely, if i say so myself!

we started working on the stairwell. (semi real time set here. it's a *huge* project.)

my studio is set up.

although i'm having a hard time getting work done because this is what i can see from the window.

but back to the house. leff's office is getting there.

but, as with the rest of the house, there's still a lot of work to do. like, the tenement beige walls in this room? they need to become grey. those cabinets also need to be painted.

i'm happy with this shadowboxed mame though. esp since i can now say that my auntie mame is hung. har har.

in the midst of all of this, i also managed to work a table at "the naked truth" event at the sculpture park. (although i REALLY hated having to go to seattle to do it.)

i don't really know what happened (too busy drinking) but redfin was profitable!! HOORAY!!!

so do i miss seattle? um, FUCK no. i won't elaborate (other than to say that i've learned that i can't stand the "metropolitain" areas of the pnw) but i will say that i'm glad i only have to go to that side of the sound once a month.

here, have a wake video. i have to get back to painting.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh my god, so much is going on!

oh my god, chicklets! so much is going on but there's no time to write about it! consider this post a placeholder. i promise to get you up to date by next week sometime.

in the mean time, check out concerts in the park. big band! spinny things!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

happy 4th, if you celebrate it!

(found via brit)

today we're going to be bbqing some more,

puttering around the house and studio and heading down to btown's mayberryesque town social. three words for you: "bean bag toss". er, no, i meant to type "free ice cream".

anyway, happy 4th of july if you're in the lower 48, alaska or hawaii or are a territory! if not, enjoy your saturday!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

petal power

in celebration of being judged not spam (again, *eyeroll*), i thought i'd upload some pictures of our flowers.

i'm particularly excited about the lilies and hydrangeas.

i've still been puttering around the house. today i spent four hours cleaning out the garage so i can start using it as a studio. thrilling!