Saturday, April 25, 2015

naval museum's tattoo exhibit!

leff and i dropped by the puget sound naval museum today. we've been there before. it's a great little place. but they hadn't had a tattoo exhibit...until now.

i am absolutely telling you that if you're in the puget sound region, you should see this. there's artwork of wwii and spanish american war tattoos.

and a portable tattoo parlor.

and, this is the bit that you're going to want to take the ferry for, A VIRTUAL TATTOO PARLOR


i got a dragon,

a naval star,

a panther (which i actually almost got in real life a billion years ago. haha hahaaaaaa),

and a swallow!

leff got an anchor,

a chicken and pig XD XD,

a ship,

a name and place scrawl

and a heart.

and i got a pinup girl. (which haaaaaaaaaa is ALSO another tattoo i almost got a billion years ago.)

oh! and a temp tattoo for later!

honestly, you cannot go wrong with this exhibit! it is SUPER FUN and it's free! i cannot wait to drag everyone i know to it!

two goofy things

for the upcoming japan trip, i ordered a stripey shirt. then i ordered some stripey socks to go with it.

on the last census i reported that i was a quarter nosferatu.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

all i do is write about food... :(

soon that will change but until then, i give you nashville style hot chicken spices.

you see, i need very spicy food this time of year. i get super homesick for searing heat. and flavor. and...just...not...fucking teriyaki or goddamned salmon on a board.

so today i roasted some jalapenos and used them in this mac and cheese. delicious!

and i made the aforementioned nashville style hot chicken to accompany it.

both are perfect with hamburger pickle chips on the side. (i only wish i could have made the chicken spicier but i ran out of cayenne pepper!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

gardening and snacking

still hacking away at the yard.  however, it is now powered by maryland junk food, courtesy of a care package from home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

today leff made kitsune udon!

lunch today was spectacular! leff followed this recipe and POW we had kitsune udon!

he even made dashi stock using a cup of bonito flakes steeped in six cups of boiling water with a pinch of msg. (i forgot to buy kombu. oops. it was still delicious stock. smokey and deep and so, so good!)

we added fried tofu, kamaboko and green onions

to our udon.

so it was beautiful as well as delicious.

i promise you that if you make kitsune udon yourself, you'll be dancing like this by the time you're finished eating. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015


yesterday, leff and i headed to lake city to visit kim. we had lunch at rainin ribs. somehow, none of the bbq pics came out so you're just going to get a stupid yo dude wastate tag.

food consumed while not in lake city:  fried eggplant from that amazing let's cook japanese food cookbook.

honestly, you really should get your hands on a copy of that book.

i've been scrabbling around in the yard trying to get this place ready to sell. here's not a picture of that but instead one of the big log with nice moss that we use as a table.

and also the mint that's come back.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

spring, i guess

i still struggle to call this spring. i refuse to acclimate to the pnw. why should i bother when this has always been a temporary situation? 

at least i can get jarritos on occasion.

and it smells pretty nice while i'm hacking through the jungle of the back yard because the lilac is blooming. ours is hardcore granny style.

when i'm not searching for the lost city of z in our yard, i'm watching cubs games. and when i'm not watching cubs games, i'm watching animal movies. or at least movies with animals on the discs.

things should be more exciting in about a month when i ditch this place for a while. pinky swear.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

fri night/sat morning

kim took the ferry over on friday night for cider and baseball. 

thankfully, it was on and not outside because, damn, it was windy and gross.

this morning, we stuck some corn under the broiler

to have with yellowtail teriyaki for breakfast.

fuji was down with the fish, lemme tell you.