Monday, May 18, 2015


HOORAY HOORAY BUNNY AND CHRIS ARE HERE!!! but since i have to get up pretty crazy early, i will post pics from the day w/out much commentary. here we go!

the oil rig. no kayaks in the morning.

the sasquatch at cannabis city.

the mascot of the shimane food festival.


i need sleep now though.

reminder!  if you are into that CAPSLOCK UPDATE stuff i do, i will be doing it in the normal place starting sometime on tuesday i guess. I DON'T KNOW I WILL BE CROSSING THE INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE TOMORROW IS TOKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Saturday, May 16, 2015

falling mad men cookie

sure! why NOT make some cookies two days before you're heading out of the country and the day before your housesitters get in from out of town! i'm not tired! the series finale of "mad men" only happens ONCE after all!

if you ever catch yourself thinking the above paragraph, stop. just stop. otherwise all but one of your falling mad men cookies will burn while you are writing a housesitting manual.

ah well, here's the one not *quite* so toasty little dude in question who is NOT don draper. sheesh. (i ask you, when has weiner been that literal?)

and a very tinny, crappy video of him in action.

happy end of "mad men"! i know i'm gonna' cry. how about you?

it is parade and packing day

clouseau does not want me to leave. 

too bad, little cat. i just wish there was something i could do about the parade that is staging all around my house for the next three hours. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

all i have to post about is a bag of fucking doritos

since leff and i will be in tokyo NEXT WEEK and chris and bunny are flying out from memphis to watch our house/cats, i have only been concerned with trip planning and house cleaning. and, i guess cubs games. and singing the fuji safari park song at the oddest times. 

not much fodder for writing, is what i'm saying. unless you count leff's purchase of some disappointing doritos roulette. 

there's supposed to be a spicy chip in every handful? i guess this is what a spicy chip looks like?

what i'm saying is that, wow, those chips aren't spicy. at all. we were mostly through a bag and were all "have ANY of these been spicy?" haaaaa. nice try, doritos.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

good life advice and a spice order

honestly, this is the most solid life advice that i could ever give you.

last week we received another spice order.

it looks rather extravagant, i know. but buying spices from a dedicated store saves us a ton of money. (i use these guys. not an ad, just happy with them. will prob switch to these guys once we finally move. (also not an ad.))

Friday, May 08, 2015

very yenteresting!

we got our yen today! !!!!!! i am getting SO EXCITED for this trip!!

that is *totally* not as many yenjamins as it looks like. the exchange rate is in our favor. still, that's some really beautiful currency, isn't it?

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

atomic cake

oh, atomic cake. i want to love you but you are just so fucking weird!  here's a recipe if you want to attempt to make your own. just know that it involves three kinds of cake, three kinds of pudding, two kinds of fruit and a whipped topping. 

here, watch it in action. 

it is HUGE!

and hysterical when iced and then cut! such a mess! XD

and so sugary. perhaps a store bought version of this would be better. i think i'd be willing to give it a try once we get to chicago and i can order one.

one slice that is.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

cubbie cookies!

we have had a cubs drought since we moved to the pnw. wgn is not on basic cable. yeah, i know. you don't have to tell me. i fucking know.

ANYWAY, we got this year and it's solved our problem! sadly, the cubs have been, well, the cubs in the last few games so i thought i'd make a couple of styles of cubbie cookies to see if it changes their luck. (cubs fans are a superstitious lot. XD)

recipe. i subbed almond extract for vanilla. blue sugar was some that i made by, um, adding food dye to sugar and shaking it.