Friday, December 02, 2016

gp on the daily--day 2

remember how i told you not every day would be interesting? haaaa, i am about to deliver on that promise.

yesterday, the rest of our dvds storage arrived so i spent a couple of hours organizing. 

i am DUNZO with that now. and, before you say "do you even stream, bro?" (why would you say that??) we *do* have several services but netflix and prime suuuuuuuuuuuuck and filmstruck isn't on our device yet. (SOON) so i am content with our THOUSANDS OF DISCS, right?

other thing accomplished:  i hung up my mame frame. (hacker voice i'm in *snort laugh/eyeroll*)

and, as it was a package day, i got my deth p sun fuck you bat sticker from giant robot! YAAAAS

guess i'll get dressed and try to do something more interesting for tomorrow's post. uhm, maybe. have you been outside? IT'S COLD hahahaha ah god winter has just gotten started there is no hope for meeeeee

Thursday, December 01, 2016

gp on the daily-- day 1

to keep the holiday blahs/s.a.d.s at bay (christ, it gets dark so early these days), i'm attempting daily posts here during the month of december.  naturally, i can't promise this is going to be exciting or even vaguely interesting. i also reserve the right to skip days if needed blahblahblah whatever. longtime readers know the drill. let's just *go* already. i've been ready to go for*ev*errrrrr.

if you're an old hand around these parts, you know of my busted ankle. yesterday i braved the stairs at my stop for the first time in weeks

so that leff and i could *finally* make it to boystown. I KNOW what has TAKEN us so long?! (hush, i know the answer. and i'm sure you're just as tired of reading about major illness/bad injury/needless work travel/job loss, hunt, gainful employment/death in family/family surgery/corpse in building/etcetcetc as i am of living it lol)

i'm sure there's a bus that would get us there faster but i wouldn't have walked past this burrito place

or this rabid lumbersexual tag

if we'd taken it.

our main draw was the halsted chicago diner. back in 2014 when leff and i were still tourists here, we went to the logan square location with crystal.  who could forget their hot chocolate? not me, obvs, cause here's another mug of it being all dramatic and shit.

the portions at this place are HUUGE. this ended up being two meals for the both of us. and...i...i like their reuben even better than one at little corner. (which is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING because little corner makes a MEAN reuben!)

after lunch, i hung out in front of this sign and listened to a police chopper hover for a while.

in fact, i'm listening to one right now as i type. ha! which reminds me of a quick aside:  when leff and i still lived in baltimore, one of his small town college friends was hanging out at my apartment watching a movie with us. he asked "what's that noise?!?" and jonjon (my roomie) was all "car alarm?"
small town friend: no, that's not it.
leff: the neighbors?
stf: noo.....
me: the fridge?
stf: can you seriously not hear that?!
*we all concentrate*

sing us home, fuji.

the only other thing of note yesterday was the arrival of this back issue of granta.

i didn't realize that i was building a chicago library until a few months ago. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

thanksgiving leftovers and getting ready for winter

yikes, it's wednesday. guess now is as good a time to post leftover thanksgiving pics. 

our premade dinner from peapod worked out GREAT (except for the green bean casserole that i let spoil. oops.) check out that turkey!

i made some lemony green beans but everything else is peapod. dinner plus prep and cleanup were over in, idk, an hour? so easy. so not sponsored.

other food items from the last week or so-- leff brought some cake friends home.

i had a crazy nuts hot choc at the cta stop.

here's this rock. i found it on the beach and i've been trying to convince leff that it's a shark's tooth but i don't think he's buying it.

got my cold weather gear! this is the most advanced pair of boots and coat combo that i have ever owned.

no worries, that fur is fake. clouseau's isn't tho.

Monday, November 21, 2016

oh look it's thanksgiving week

as usual, leff and i are spending the holidays at home which i prefer. (i put the kibosh on travel from the third week of nov until the first week of jan because no. fucking. way. will i set foot in an american airport during fucking holiday season.)

ANYWAY, that sprained ankle that i mentioned last time has kept me homebound. not many things to share with you. it's gotten chilly in chicago so we had our first hot pot of the year.

leff made me some cheese mountains as a snack.

i officially ended 2016 by getting a new calendar. (those yuzu gummies are AMAZING so pick them up if you can.)

basically, to make an old person pun, we were generally getting hygge with it. (sigh, i know.)

a new totoro came to live with us!

and the cats are brats. but there's nothing new there. what cool dudes.

so hey so heeeeeey my new boots arrive today and they have ANKLE SUPPORT lol so i'm going to try and get out of the apt before the holiday. so look forward to CHICAGO TOURISM and also, yeah, prob a few thanksgiving pics.

until then listen to noname's "telefone" because i haven't loved an album that hard in so long. srsly. srsly.

Monday, November 14, 2016

life continues

after last week's election result, i'm going to lead with links to two articles that have lists to worthy organizations that could use donations. apologies for the sources, but the info is still good: huffpo, jezebel.

also, if you live in the states and believe that the popular vote should count, please consider signing this petition.

here is the one picture that i took on election day. the local coffee shop was a polling place.

i promise you that this is not going to be where i badger people about politics (i need SOME  place where i can escape that.) additionally, i won't be posting directly about the volunteer work that i do as i don't want praise or recognition for it (that defeats the purpose of volunteering). but i am going to encourage you to volunteer. probably fairly regularly. let's get started with this link.

don't hide under a blanket like fuji thinking things are going to get better without putting in the work.

and remember to VOTE AT MIDTERM

ok, enough of that. most of the rest of this post is going to be about food. like toast.

the biograph isn't food but leff and i had to run some errands in lincoln park the other day and took the long way back to the l so he could see it.

we also stopped by the dog house for some fries

and a couple of dogs. here's one of them.

we also had chicago pizza company delivered. it is AMAZING because there's polenta in the crust.

what follows are pick me up snacks since i had a really bad fall the other day (uneven pavement lol what even is my dorky life XD). leff is super sweet, guys. he went to evanston for gummies

and stroopwafel.

k, time to get back to convalescing and setting up a plan of attack for staying safe and sane during the next four years. PLEASE DO VOLUNTEER because change starts at the community level.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

cubs hangover

spirits are still high in chicago! leff and i made it to wrigley the day after the world series win. here are some pictures and vid without commentary so you can get an idea of how crazy/great it all was.

A video posted by rakkaburger (@rakkaburger) on

unlike almost everyone else in the city, we decided to skip the parade and watch it at home. (i have a pretty big crowd phobia. (barely held it together at the first obama inauguration and my phobia's only gotten worse since then. *shrug*)

anyway, this is me double screening it. XD

and so ends my cubs coverage for the year. the ivy's red

and i am kinda freaked about the election today. (but not really (but yes, i am)) so i'm gonna listen to noname and chance on repeat until results roll in later on.