Sunday, July 05, 2015

we finally found some good bbq in washington state! I KNOW! i don't believe it either!!

yesterday we lucked into some amazing bbq. i can't believe that there's actually good bbq in washington state! i'm so happy! (it only took 10 long, horrid years to find it. XD)

leff and i split both a brisket and pulled pork taco. yes, taco haha! so good! thee barbecue shack actually puts vinegar in their sauce! and the slaw, hot damn, the slaw. so delicious!

there are no photos of the tacos as we ate them so quickly. here's a hot dog that leff ordered though which is appropriate on the fourth.

he said it was exactly the right amount of smokey. cannot recommend thee barbeque shack enough!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

so far, so good

i'm doing all sorts of plant stuff lately to get this house "instagram ready". know your market, yeah?  

here are some freebie moss gardens that i threw together the other day. the bases are microwave meal containers and everything else i grabbed from the back yard.

the idea is to put them on some weathered stumps i've been hoarding. me. it's one of those things that's gonna' look better once all the components are in place.

grabbed some treats from bon bon bakery on thursday. delicious!

i wish this manky-ness would clear out though. it's so gross. i'm surprised there's not some toxic algae blooming.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

yesterday was an ok day

if things can continue the way they did yesterday, it might end up being as tolerable of a summer as one can have in washington state. (let's hope. let's fucking hope.)

since things were ok, i finally got around to taking some pictures of kawaii things from daiso. here's the panda scrubber

and the hedgehog duster that we picked up the last time we were in seattle.

leff also ordered us some "pick me up" presents. look at what the delivery people brought us yesterday!! a rilakumma!!!!

a sumikko gurashi!!!!! (it is even standing in the corner in this picture. XD)

a bag of dagashi!!!

oh my goodness that bag of dagashi!!! i will have a separate post about it as soon as we finish consuming it. i still don't understand how even the least expensive things taste SO GOOD in japan. 

when i go back to tokyo, i'm going to buy EVERYTHING at a dagashi store. TRUST ME!! 

also food wise, i found out about onigirazu and I AM HOOKED!! here's a spicy tuna one that i made (basically the awl's spicy tuna roll with added chili garlic sauce (if you follow that link you will also see malena watrous talking about her book if you follow me. *do* read that. it's very good.)

there's also lettuce and cuke in the onigirazu.)

if you want more info about these awesome things, here is a really good tutorial.  also, the boston globe has a nice write up. (i am going to track down "cooking papa".)

i ended the day with a bear bowl full of chocolate ice cream.

i enjoyed eating this while watching "five dedicated to ozu".  i'll probably do the same today only maybe i'll watch "cafe lumiere" instead.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

small things

things might have turned a corner (*fingers crossed) so i feel like i can concentrate on small good things now. like these sakura stamps.

i've always loved the dc cherry trees. i have never been lucky enough to be there when they are blooming but, trust me, i will be soon. (i will also see the sakura in japan one day too, i hope.)

inside of the envelope with the stamps was an article about iceland.

the ponies, you know? (also one day i'm going to finally leave the airport in reykjavik. haha!)

have been watching a ton of "begin japanology". it's been helping me get over my tokyo broken heart.

hahahaha, no, it hasn't. not really. it has been helping me plan what i'm going to do on my next trip there though. i am definitely climbing a fujizuka.

until then, i will have to be content hanging out with a fujizilla though.

aw, what a dork.

Monday, June 29, 2015

what an "interesting" week or so

let's just hope that i don't have to live through that sort of bullshit again. and that, perhaps, things will get better. let's just fucking hope. 

now i can spend the bulk of my energy in getting this house ready to sell and getting the fuck out of washington. wish us luck. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

will be mia for a bit

it's another one of those things that i won't ever be discussing in public. just, wish me luck, ok? and enjoy the vending machine candies that arrived from japan.

it tasted like cc lemon!

and this new zealand canned spaghetti?

the can suggests eating it on a burger?

also "enjoy" this canned meat product from australia???

i still don't understand the serving suggestion?

these little four week old chicks from the farmer's market are cute though, ne?

(i will try to stop saying "ne" by the time i post here again. bye.)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

the post is the most

still haven't readjusted to this place. not sure what to do about it? not sure that i care? i'm not particularly attached to this region (understatement of the year? decade? hahahaha) so w/e. 

still it is nice to get cool stuff in the mail. here you will see a card from bunny and destructo and a postcard from jens' latest trip! :D

also arriving via post two japanese wind chimes that leff got for me! hooray!! a maneki neko

and AN OWL!

both in situ.

they haven't been very bell like lately since it's not been very breezy but they sound similar to this furin.

in non post news, this japanese battleship curry recipe is amazing and you should make it even though it sounds bizarre.