Thursday, October 19, 2017

sweet failure

i'm trying to get the apartment cleaned up before winter gets here but i keep getting distracted. for example, today i found some old chocolate from aldi that needed to get used up. did i bake with it? nah, i attempted to make some mcdonalds old skool halloween pail pops. 

i mean, two of them turned out ok. 

but, um.....when i pulled them off the silpat, the pumpkin...well...

LOLOLOL i feel like this is the greatest thing that i have ever made. 😂 or at least it's a pretty good self portrait.

*actual* halloween content coming up soon-ish.  rn, i am going to laugh at that pumpkinhead some more.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

open house chicago 2017

it's my annual joke but it's true that you can tell it's open house weekend in chicago by the flooded sidewalks

and the fact that i'm sick. thankfully, this year it's just the flu but it still limited my and leff's architectural exploration to our immediate neighborhood and six miles of walking.

NEXT YEAR we branch out a bit. i don't care if i am in a cast, i'm going to carbide and carbon! hrumph!

anyway, edgewater still has some great buildings!  last year, i went to colvin house before the refurb. i returned on saturday to see how the interior looks after a ton of work. guys. GUYS. it's a++ so good! they've kept a lot of the really cool interior details

and updated others to reflect the house's past. it looks FANTASTIC!

our next stop was sacred heart schools, driehaus center (conway house) and, while not much of the building was open, i enjoyed what was viewable.

i am kind of in love with the pattern of this wallpaper.

and, of course, this stairwell.

most of my photos from sacred heart didn't really come out (it was crowded, my lens was foggy due to torrential downpours lol). check out leff's ig if you'd like to see more!

after a quick stop at home to change clothes (i wasn't kidding about the downpours.), we hoofed it to st ita! i almost went to the cathedral a few weeks ago when the st pia relics were on display  but, despite having taught at a catholic school, i still get nervous about how to behave in those situations, so i waited for open house. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ita didn't disappoint one bit. the stained glass is spectacular. (i wish my picture of the rose window had worked, sigh. here's a b&w that shows how it's framed by the pipe organ, if you're interested.)

i felt like a bit of an intruder at st ita since there was a mass taking place. i tried to be respectful and not take pictures of people so you'll get a lot of these sorts of images instead of statues, closeups of stained glass.

i love sixth station of the cross (veronica wipes jesus' face) paintings. don't ask. just accept it.

really great cathedral. i'm glad i finally went inside! (i've passed it many, many times.) here's st ita herself! 

on the way to our last site, leff and i passed an accidental goldsworthy.

here're the edgwater beach apartments. i've been into one of the street level areas before for an art fair but this place is too unique to not tour.

i had heard about their beaux arts pool and, tbh, that was my main draw to this place. (i LOVE pools! haha) isn't this one cute?

the gardens were, sadly, closed due to the rain but, hey, the chandelier in the main lobby made up for it.

(i have actually seen peeks of the garden before since i take the trail behind these apartments from time to time so nbd.)

and that was ohc 2017 for me and leff! pretty fantasic, weather and illness considered! again, can highly recommend visiting if you ever happen to be in chicago on the weekend in question. here's the full list of sites from this year in case you're interested.

NEXT YEAR i'm totally going to bronzeville cause i am smitten with the first church of deliverance. that interior is AH MAY ZING!!!

Monday, October 09, 2017

final pampkin

remember all the way back to april and easter. there was a chill in the air, my internet was out and i made some monster factory easter eggs

i am finding that i am not finished with final pam as a subject matter all these months later. oh, i love her so! this year for halloween, i made a final pam pumkin or final pampkin, if you will. (oh, you will.) here she is!

and a rapid fire time lapse gif of me making it.

my set up, in case you were wondering. i am low fi as always.

it's been a while since i've done any sort of stenciling, so i shaded pam to make sure she would work before i transferred her to the pumpkin.

this is her on her gourd.

and THIS is a makeshift transfer tool i made with an embroidery needle and an xacto. (what happened to my x barrel xacto? who knows. the single slot worked fine.)

one last behind the scenes photo of a reverse punched pam.

i'll probably be making more pumpkins this year as i can GET THEM DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE (heart you, chicago!!) but until then, why not enjoy this animation where pam fixes the baby? (i love it almost as much as chicago!)

edit 10/15/17-- final pam is no more. 6 days after carving she started getting mushy. poor pam. you will be missed.

Friday, October 06, 2017

s.c. johnson wax campus and wingspread tour

the chicago architecture biennial is in full swing. this means lots of site specific works, special shows and TOURS! 

speaking of tours, sc johnson is offering free ones of their campus in conjunction with the biennial. OF COURSE i signed up asap cause you cannot go frank lloyd wrong when you're standing in a frank lloyd wright building. (did i make that joke when i went to price tower? prob.(lol, i did. of course.))

anyway, last saturday, we burned through some of the biennial exhibits at the cultural center before catching a glimpse of kerry james marshall's mural (in progress) in garland court

on the way to the bus to racine. seriously. how can all of this be gratis? (it is tho. no catch.)

it takes about two hours to get to racine from chicago. on the way, we passed the tollway oasis where we stopped on our move out here and also that cheese cave near six flags where we didn't. fun fact:  i had not left chicago city limits since arriving here in june of 2016!

you know the real draw of the sc johnson wax campus, right? hell yes, the interior of the admin building! here is a sanctioned photo of the interior cause photos aren't allowed inside. you just juuuuust see some of those beautiful columns in this pic. that space was just SO wonderful. i wish i hadn't left.

the reflecting fountains mirror (reflect? haaaa :/) the columns in the admin building what with the tapered base and all. i love them.

i also love the tower. am i weird in liking flwright's towers slightly more than his prairie houses? (yes)

again, no interior pics were allowed. the most interesting part of the tower is the fact that you can't see out of it due to the leaky, glass rods. (wright found racine to be ugly and thought views of the city would spoil his buildings. (all frank lloyd wright buildings leak.))

another big name architect is on the sc johnson campus. yes! that is norman foster! as far as i can tell, fortaleza hall was built to house a replica plane (i mean, fine. whatever.) but what i like most about it is how the curves mimic those in the wright buildings.

oh! and also the living wall complete with waterfall. (a much better photo of the living wall since, again, no interior photos were allowed.)

hey, protip here-- if you are booking the tour through the biennial, try to do it on the weekend as another wright building is included then! yes! we got to go to wingspread! (i kept calling it wingull bwahah (it is not a good spot for pokemon, in case you were wondering. 😂))

anyway, wingspread is now a convention center.

we wandered around the grounds waiting on the tour before us to clear out. really quite nice!


the light in this place is to die for. i could have taken a nap here.

back outside

it's just so well landscaped. i'd like to throw a party here.

oh! on the second floor in the left hand wing, there was a weird framed paper bathing suit. these used to be handed out to guests who had forgotten theirs. (the pool was under construction at the time of our visit.)

it was nice to be able to wander on our own at wingspread after being on rails on the campus. very peaceful and a great way to end the tour.

one last tip--on the way up, a pit stop for lunch at oh danish bakery is included. (you *do* have to pay for your lunch but, hey, that's fair.) pick up a kringle or FOUR. they're delicious. (we got cream cheese and cherry.)