Thursday, July 24, 2014


july is not supposed to be like this. this autumnal. 

i am not supposed to be able to have a fire in july. but at least all of the junk mail (mainly unsolicited cc applications) has been destroyed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

witch boats

i wasn't aware until yesterday but, apparently, if you don't crush up the ends of your eggshells, witches will use them to make boats so that they can sail off and and cause storms.

this is fucking awesome and you can bet that i am going to continue to not fully crush up my eggshells. take to the sea, tiny witches! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

indoor grilling

the weather was pleasantly shitty today. (it kept all screeching methheads, moss people and salt water rednecks indoors) i am glad that we have an indoor grill though. otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to continue charring our way to brilliance. (hahahah, ah god.)

new marinade this week was yogurt based.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

agua fresca

"DRINK MORE WATER" all concern trolls scream. fine, noted. but i will only do so if there's other stuff in it. cue the reign of the agua fresca. 

while this strawberry, lime, cucumber and mint concoction is not technically an agua fresca, it certainly is pretty.

cucumber, mint and lime is a true agua fresca but it is sadly blurry. (no less delicious, however.)

now here is an agua fresca in focus and it is strawberry vanilla.

what's that saying? i drink, therefore i am? ha, no. but if you add gin to the green drink and vodka to the strawberry one, you'd have a stew party going. hopefully sans concern trolls.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

today was grocery day

can you BELIEVE how scintillating every bit of news i can leak is?! yes! this is my jam! CAN YOU STAND IT 

i would have bought bonne maman marmalade as well but it was not available for some weird reason. fucking love that jam. (not a paid advert.)

also, just to show you how goddamned lazy i am right now, mayo with sriracha already added.

it's only in the house because it was, like, $1.50 and i'm always mixing sriracha + mayo for deviled eggs and budget spicy tuna roll and, god, i cannot be arsed to do much of anything right now. (WON'T SOMEONE JUST [REDACTED] ALREADY JESUS CHRIST)

and now i go back to waiting. later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


things are still the same here. i still water the herbs with a pink elephant.

we still do things by hook or by fart.

and i still laugh at how ridiculously quaint this place is.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

supermoon and bbq

perhaps you heard about that supermoon last night. (of course you did. supermoon trends like no other moon. supermoon can't stop.) here's a picture that leff took of it.

sidebar:  when i was little, i looked for the man in the moon. then i learned about the rabbit and his mortar and pestle and looked for that. now i can see neither at first glance and just imagine it hitting my eye like a big pizza pie. tippi tippi tay.

if you don't live in a marine environment you may not know that supermoon causes super low tides.

it is gross. but the smell of dead sea stuff reminds me of vacation so *shrug*, i suppose.

not gross at ALL were these korean bbq chicken skewers that leff made on the grill. they were super fantastico!

we also made lemon dill fish, peri peri chicken skewers, pizza, roasted peppers and "hobo pouches" of potatoes, carrots, onions and herbs with the same coals. (hobo pouches were courtesy of my stint as a camp counselor. oh, the things i can cook with just some foil and flame.)