Friday, June 30, 2006

three finished mario cupcakes

it's taking me a lot longer with these than i thought it would. so here are three finished cupcakes. you don't need to see the whole dozen, right? you do? ok, fine.

the start of mario mushroom cupcakes

i've made mario mushroom cupcakes twice before

but i've never shaped them in the pan. here's hoping they turn out ok. *fingers crossed*

a vid to show you how to get the mushroom shape, if you're so inclined.

results coming soon!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

a favor, por favor

metroblogging is nominated for best blog on nwsource's people's picks.

if you have time, could you do me a huuuge favor and maybe click here and vote for metroblogging, please? i'd be ever so grateful!

thanks so much!

punny, brain age, i hate fedex

there are two things that i need to make-- pistol whipped cream (for explosively delicious desserts) and "legend of zelda" cufflinks.


today in brain age, i got all 5.


have i mentioned how much i hate fedex? they don't even TRY to fucking deliver packages. i've been waiting in the apt all morning. waiting for the package but does fedex even try to deliver it to me? no, of course they don't. the package is downstairs in the manager's apt. and, while i really appreciate that my building offers this service, i'm still hella pissed that i don't HAVE THE FUCKING PACKAGE THAT I'VE BEEN WAITING ON ALL MORNING!

i hate you fedex.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

finished pacman and ghost cupcakes

a blurry photo of the finished cupcakes.

(i love how the ghosts can be read as something quite perverted.)

a movie of the finished cupcakes. (so you can see them in 3d.)

more cupcakes coming on friday. stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the start of pacman and ghost cupcakes

a video just to show how to shape them just in case you're interested in baking your own. i would recommend using foil cupcake liners since they hold their shape really well. you'll also need some regular aluminum foil that you can wad up into tiny balls.

in case i'm mumbling too much in this vid, i put two tbs of batter in each liner. finished results posted in about an hour or so!

i forgot to mention...

...i'll be baking cupcakes tonight. i would've baked them during the day but, well, no ac. they will be video game themed as they're being made as a housewarming present for c&c. i'll post vid and photos when they're finished.

also, and i don't know HOW i failed to write about this, i'm a "game master".

in the same vein of "news", my father thinks i'm smart and my cats like me because i feed them and play string with them. (heh heh)

snowglobes and art films

it's hot. yes, i know, it's june, it's supposed to be hot but i don't have ac. no place in seattle has ac. (i'm lying. there are places and the buses are air conditioned too. i'm just too dozy to walk to any of them at the moment.)

so i thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a blurry movie of a snowglobe? what do you know! here's one now:

i also made an "eight second art film" really just to make me, leff and j laugh more than for any other reason. you can laugh too if you'd like!

Monday, June 26, 2006


my favorite postal worker laughed at me today. as he was handing me some priority mail from nc he stated that he should start charging me for delivery since i get more packages than anyone else on his route! HAHAH!!

and SPEAKING of packages, OH MY GOD!! nanny and pants sent me the most AWESOME PRESENTS!!! my initial reaction in which i drop the f-bomb several times in a row: (if, you know, you're sensative to profanity, you've been warned--don't watch this vid.)

(have you noticed how i have a tendency to start all videos with the word "ok'? you have? yeah, i'm trying to work on that... also, i don't know how i can manage to hit dog hearing register with my voice. must be the estrogen...)

seriously though, i've REALLY been wanting those nintendo mints!! could you tell? (heh heh)

and now, after i've gained some composure... (well, not reallly. how could i? *awesome package!!*)

was i a saint in my former life? is that why i got such an awesomely, fantasticly, wonderfully amazing package? (an aside: please know that i am not claiming former sainthood. that would be extremely laughable.) THANK YOU, NANNY AND PANTS!

but THAT'S NOT ALL!! jens sent me a summer burn!!

i LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURVE jens' mixes! they fit any and every occasion! people ask me who made them! seriously! you should be so lucky as to have a jens mix!! (THANK YOU, JENS!!)

and now i'm going to listen to all the awesome music i got to day! me = lucky!

a fart joke before bedtime

gaseous clay beans. they'll knock you out. (kindly click on the image for a larger view.)

nachty nacht!

on golden pwned (game over)

this week's topic on scrapiteria is "games". my entry? on golden pwned (game over).

this one's not going on etsy. i'm too fond of it.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

cult tv, hot hot heat, minusbaby mixes, farmer's market, adicolor mr. men

yesterday i had the loftiest of plans! after work, i was going to catch the pride parade and general festivities at the center. after that i was going drop by the croc for the pillows show. still after that, i was going to swing by greenlake for c&c's housewarming party. a busy day but i could handle it, right?

uh, no. i fell asleep. but seeing as how i don't get nearly as much sleep as i should, i guess it was ok. (sorry about missing the party, c&c.)

i woke up around 10 pmish too cracked out from my nap to do much of anything except play "animal crossing" and watch tv. and, let me tell you, when i saw this

on channel six, i thought i was still asleep or at the very least watching a bad snl skit. but no, sugar smacks, it was real! real live cult tv. the qtip coiffured leader promised to help people learn to "kill their demons" through meditation.


all i can say is that i haven't laughed so hard in weeks!

today is hot. well, not by southern u.s. standards but it's hot enough to put ice cubes in the cats' water. i'm loving that summer is finally here but i'm *seriously* happy that we don't live in portland where it's supposed to be around 100 this week. (er, that's around 38 in c for those of you that live in civilized countries that use the metric system.)

minusbaby posted some awesome mixes that he's made on his site. oh, they're so good! thanks for posting those, mb! i'm gonna' go burn them right now so i have tunes to listen to while i'm oot and aboot! (i hope he doesn't kill me for pointing you to those...please tread gently on his bandwidth. (that's kind of a joke since i know that there are only five of you that read this site.)

speaking of being oot and aboot, i need to wake leff up so we can hit the farmer's market. i hope that guy that sells giant onions

is still there. 'cause his fruit and veg rock.

before i go, here's an adicolor ad featuring the mr. men that the youtubetastic alberto sent my way. (thanks, alberto! *hugs!* please keep those clips coming!)

Friday, June 23, 2006

an etsy day and some bubbles

my favorite postal worker brought me two etsy packages today!

first off, i got my deer pouch from gadgetgirl.

wonderfully, wonderfully durable! it holds all my cards and bus fare, etc so i don't have super full pockets at the end of the day!

i also got my pink ninja from tooaday.

tooaday was in the middle of moving when i ordered the ninja so it took the package a while to find its way to seattle. (it's totally understandable! i didn't mind at all!) tooaday was such a sweetie about it that she included another ninja!! how freakin' awesome!!

yesterday i filmed some bubbles floating through the air.

groc says this reminds him of 80's video art. i can see his point!

also, if you listen really closely, you can hear a lady say "whoo-hoo!" at about the 5 second mark. that "whoo-hoo!" makes me laugh every time!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


hey, kittens!

so, more writing news. this time to let you know that i'll be making about 3-4 posts per week on metroblogging. (that's a link to my bio which should contain a link to my entries. here's a link to the main page. there are lots of great writers on the site, please give them a read!)

see, i wasn't kidding when i said it'd gotten busy in seattletown.

now here's a picture of a ghost that i made. no reason, it's just goofy and it was looking a bit movie heavy on the site.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

two casa rakkaleff vids (for the flickr folk)

here are two videos of what it's like at casa rakkaleff when we've both had reeeeeally long days. (i thought the flickr peeps might like to hear what it sounds like at our place for once instead of just seeing it.)

cats under the bed

leff's tr-ipod

a christmas story

*whew!* i can finally come up for some air! today = crazy hectic!

i made a really quick movie for you, kids. i "proudly" present...a christmas story.

and done

the krakatoa shirt is finished.

but it's far from perfect. two faults that jump to mind: 1) the leakiness of premixed acrylic paint. (i'd recommend using acrylic paint in tubes with fabric solution added if you decide to do the freezer paper stencil thing.) 2) lettering is too small.

other than that, i think it's a pretty great shirt to use for pj purposes.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

it's a sloooow day...

at least it's slow inside my head. someone must have taken the folger's challenge and replaced my regular brains with molasses and forgotten to tell me.

not much is going on at casa rakkaleff except for a half finished article for aeropause, a loooong wait for the produce shipment, the paraguay vs t&t game and an overwhelming desire to eat the rest of the vidalia onion in the fridge raw.

see, a sloooow day.

Monday, June 19, 2006

the lotion lady, simon

i don't think i've mentioned the lotion lady before. i should have because out of all the people on my regular bus, she's the one that's caught my attention.

oh, i have my reasons. well, one reason in particular.

the other day, she was transferring lotion from a large bottle into a small travel bottle. an odd thing to be doing on the bus on any given day but she was doing this while the bus was standing room only. she was in an almost medatiative state while she pumped, pumped, pumped lotion into the smaller bottle. totally oblivious to everyone else around her. you have to admire that type of concentration...

today she did nothing out of the ordinary. quite disappointing but her mere presence made me feel better pre-coffee. i kept looking at her bag and wondering if it was full of sample products that she'd dutifully refilled.

anyway, here's a video of me playing simon. i know, totally random, but thinking about the lotion lady will disrupt your thought patterns.

really quickly...

i'm looking for a pendant that i used to have when i was about 7. it was a poorly made duck with a green interior and it was called "just ducky". (yeah, my love with animal puns goes waaaaay back, folks!) it looked kind of like this:

anyway, it was made of pewter, i think. and i'm pretty sure that the stone for the green part was plastic. or some cheap-o quartz or something. (can quartz even *be* green?)

does anyone know what i'm talking about? have you ever seen this?

it's from the late 70's/early 80's. if anyone knows what i'm talking about or has ever even SEEN one, please let me know in comments. i'm going kind of nuts trying to find out if it even existed or if i dreamt it.

it's been a long day

and the highlight of this long day was acquiring a plastic squid. here it is squiddin' around in squid town.

i was whispering in this video because i thought that's what david attenborough would have done if he'd found an inky, plastic squid in his sink.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

to do...

make a shirt that says "krakatoa has a hot ash".

Friday, June 16, 2006

two more geeky videos

how can you tell if you're a lazy blogger? you find yourself making videos of things instead of writing about them, that's how.

so, leff got us a ds lite today! w000t! it's a lot, well, lighter. and, yes, it's a HELL of a lot brighter which is good for people like me who desperately need glasses.

a comparison, if you will...

earlier today, kotaku had an article about geeky ringtones. the comments were the best. i *loved* seeing how many different game tunes were on people's phones.

do i have a geeky ringtone? you bet your sweet bippy i do!

oh, that's leff playing "brain age" in the background, btw. hahah!


right, here goes! the neat-o news that i promised to tell you about yesterday but didn't.

i'm very lucky to have been added as one of the writers at aeropause, shane whitehouse's awesome game blog! thanks so much, shane!

this will be me on the site:

i posted my first article today. it's a segata sanshiro commercial for a football/soccer sim. (well, can you blame me? the netherlands/ivory coast game is on in the background.)

hopefully, i'll be able to contribute articles that live up to the writing style of the site. (can you tell i've been an aeropause fan for a while? because i have.)

but now i've got to get back to that ivory coast/netherlands game.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


jme sent me an AWESOME, AWESOME package today!!! and now that i have a place to store videos, you can hear me freak out about it! (please note: i had to freak out quietly so as not to disturb the neighbors.

i didn't say enough about the clockwork duck or the charm! i got too excited about the needlework but i LOVELOVELOVE the clockwork AND the charm! THANK YOU, JME!! *HUGS!!*


i have something pretty neat to tell you about later today, bunbuns. but the time's not right just yet.

in the meantime, enjoy this yaji commercial. (thanks, pantufla!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

baltimore stories

once upon a time, i lived in baltimore. baltimore, if you're unfamiliar with the concept, is a city in maryland where edgar allen poe is buried. also, it is home to atomic books, the best damn bookstore on the east coast! (hi, rachel!) john waters also lives there. (er, in baltimore, not atomic books...)

for some reason, i've been making stupid, stupid videos about baltimore. probably because once you've been a baltimoron, it never quite leaves you...

anyway, i present for your viewing "pleasure" one of those videos. here is "ice cream truck sounds"

ah, that wasn't so painful, was it? or was it? oops. sorry, i didn't mean to give you a nosebleed....

anyway, i'm dying to know. what do the ice cream trucks sound like in your neck of the woods?

edit: pants found an mp3 of the ice cream truck that i was imitating!! (she said the same trucks were in chicago. are these trucks in any other large u.s. cities? pantufla? are they in sanfran? bean? how about nyc? anyone else?)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

two more electroplankton vids

because, really, it's a fascinating toy. and leff pwns it, baby.

his mario type vid:

and his homage to "dr. who"

promise these are the last two electroplankton videos i'll post.

electroplankton vid

here's a really out of focus video of electroplankton. (my camera, she is dying. she occasionally will not focus.)

it's a fun game and visually very cool but it's really short. rent it, don't buy.

omg! brini!!

holy hell!! brini maxwell's got a book!!

and her show's out on dvd! (but netflix doesn't have it. booo! booo, netflix!)

i heart brini. i really, really heart brini. that book and dvd will be mine!

sm is put out of her missouri, a short roomba review, electroplankton

has blogger decided to not eat my post this time? it has? good.

so i found the most perfect shirt for sm's graduation present:

(available here)

it's appropriate since she's moving from st. louis back to the east coast in august. go sm!

and i can now say after having watched my roomba make crop circles in my carpet every day for around a month that, yes, if you're thinking about buying one, you should. leff and my allergies are both a lot less of a problem (at least indoors)since we've been able to vaccuum every day. also, the roomba is fantastic at what it's designed to do. (and this is from someone that has long hair, a boyfriend and four cats in one place!) plus it's small which is important if you're living in a little apt like mine.

honestly, i can't wait to try out the scooba. if it works as well as the roomba, i'm sure i'll be donating my swiffer to whomever happens to claim it.

best news for today? electroplankton arrived from gamefly. pantufla recommended it to me about a week ago and i cannot WAIT to play it. i'm even putting my "animal crossing" game on hold to do so. that's how much i want to play this game.

so, ta and all that.

Monday, June 12, 2006

a quick volcano post

did you watch krakatoa: volcano of destruction last night on the discovery channel?

you didn't? what the hell is wrong with you?

all kidding aside, i was quite surprised by how good the show was despite it's horrible "desert storm" name. (you know, "operation: death by lahars" or "operation: pumice to the head". pretty much anything with a colon is a "desert storm" name. (no, not that kind of colon. sheesh!)) "krakatoa" was based on some survivors' diaries and logs which made for a more intriguing take on the situation than the usual "people died. it was bad. it could happen again." crap. here's a link to the diaries if you're interested. (hey, pants! make sure to click through!)

does anyone know of any good books on krakatoa? i'll even read things about anak krakatau. otherwise known as krakatau 2: back with a vengence.

ok, that's all.

rakka's got a brand new bag (duh duh duh duh duh DUH! OOOOW!)

i got my new bag from glitterrstarrs today!

i wasn't sure that such a cute bag could hold all that i deem neccesary for normal urban living but it can! it holds:

* my phone
* medium size sunglasses (jackie o's are reserved for special occasions)
* my hello kitty planner/wallet
* a regular sized nintendo ds (with "animal crossing", of course)
* a moleskine notebook
* 25.3 oz (750 ml) water bottle
* the awesome crocheted coffee cozey from aine
* a tiny notebook for, well, notes
* hello kitty bandaids (plus moleskin in case of blisters)
* hello kitty walkman + headphones (shonen knife cd ready to be played)
* a trade paperback (today it's lost japan by alex kerr)
* a black warrior pencil
* a blue sharpie
* a black gel pen
* the world's most awesome pencil sharpener in the world from jme
* bus fare + extra quarters
* burt's bees lip balm
* eyedrops
* a small plastic deer

yeah, i think a small plastic deer is essential to urban living. don't you?

seriously though, that bag is AWESOME! (plus it has a deer on it which means it's EXTRA awesome!) glitterrstarrs does custom orders so if you're looking for a cute bag made to specifications, drop her an email!

no ds lite for us, i quit flickr, i am cy*ber*man/NAHNAHNAHNAHNAHNAHNAH/cy*ber*man!

leff and i took the loooooong bus ride out to best buy to try and purchase a ds lite. we even had a coupon (thanks, kotaku for the link) for a free copy of brain age too but no dice. best buy was sold out of lites. the clerks made it sound like it was city wide.

this wasn't really a big surprise because, well, it is seattle, game city central and all that. still, kind of disappointing.

in other news, i officially quit flickr today. it's now a photo repository for me and nothing more. i've already gone into specifics on this photo if you're really interested. if not, hey, no need to click!

once again, hello to any flickr people that might be reading this site! it's nice to see you! thanks for dropping by!

here's a photo of me as the poor man's cyberman

(courtesy of leff)

to tide you over until i do something productive this morning.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

game on! game on!!

thanks to about three days of rest (and some darvocet) my back was feeling good enough to where leff and i could take in the game on exhibit at the pacific science center.

oh my GOD! did i tell you about this earlier? 100 games!!! that are PLAYABLE!!!!

best. museum exhibit. EVAR!!!

seriously, here's a part of the floor.

there's WAAAAY more than that. WAAAAY more!

when you enter the exhibit, you're greeted by this lovely pong machine.

and after you go around the corner there are two computer space machines. here's one of them.

so sexy!

the exhibit covers everything from spacewar to current gen consoles. oh, and the ds lite.

(that's leff playing brain age.)

also included was a small section of miyamoto sketches for gamecube. here's mario.

and an "educational" section (which was next to ddr) and which included a speak and say. i have more photos and vid. and i'm going to post them. i can hear you now...'re saying. yeah, well, it WAS great! so, you know. shuddup!

right, another section was devoted to the 25 cent machines. i have to take issue with the ms pac man machine. the ms wasn't as peppy as i'm used to so i didn't make it through as far as i usually do. but still, i got to play it many times in a row, so i can't complain too much.

galaga continued to make me its bitch. it always happens.

and i still suck at parappa

because i can never remember what order the ps2 buttons are in. *sigh*

i DID, however, kick leff's butt at street fighter ii turbo.

two guesses as to which character i was. (a hint: i didn't play as ken.)

there was also a mame machine and in the same section there was a space invaders table straight out of pizza hut.

leff played lots of games and somehow managed to get lara croft to run in a straight line. (he's amazing, i tells ya!)

no great exhibit is complete without a visit to the gift shop.

yes. freeze-dried mario and link on a stick. mmmmm.

did i mention that we spent three hours at pacsci? and that we're going back? it's almost worth buying a membership to the museum just to save on admission fees.

right, i've bored you with this long enough. plus, you know, i'm exhausted. i think i'll go play "animal crossing" to unwind.


Friday, June 09, 2006

mail call!

my squidlet arrived today!

so did my first rahrahrah print! both are exceedingly awesome!

right, back to the couch. ta!

girly guitars, more amigurumi

today, i'm all about guitars. do you have to ask why? have i not mentioned that i want to front an all girl, hardcore, britney spears cover band complete with kfed backup dancers?

huh, i thought i'd mentioned that....

anyway, if i ever get motivated enough to actually start the band (it would require me to go blonde. and also learn the lyrics to britney spears songs. i'm still not sure about either of those things...) i can't decide if i want a hello kitty strat or one of the pink daisies. i've played one of the daisies before and we got along ok. hmmmmm.....

rock star dreams aside, my back is still hurting so i have to cut this short. have i shown you the little octopus that leff got me for my bday?

*so* cute! (it's not only guitars that i'm obsessing over at the moment, it's also squid and octopus. expect drawings if i can ever stop being in pain.)

ta! hope the world cup's going well for you!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

visit the etsy zoo!

etsy is setting up a catchpa system and they need photos of animals. they're asking for contributions from etsy users. (and, possibly, the general public. i'm not sure about that.)

if you'd like to contribute your animal photos to etsy, click here. there won't be any recognition since having a photographer's name, etc, would break the catchpa (i think) but it would still be cool to see, say, your cat when you buy something.

right, back to sitting on the couch with a hot water bottle behind my back...

i am *so* old

how do you know when you're getting old? when you lift a container of cat litter and you throw your stupid mothereffing back out, that's how.

oh, yes. that's what i did this morning at around 10ish. about fifteen ibuprofen later and i still can't even walk properly. which sucks 'cause i've got an esty order to mail and i can't make it to the goddamned p.o. box!


i don't even have a picture to go with this and sitting at the computer is making my back spasm. color me angry. later, chick-a-dees.

pants = asswich, HAPPY BDAY, NANNY!, dawn of the dead at safeway

first things first. bunchofpants needs your help. she's only number four in a google search for the term "asswich". i'm doing my part here because pants should be number one in asswich returns! (that's a link to a blog entry of hers that has "asswich" in the content. also, "pants should be number one in asswich returns!" is her new campaign slogan if i'm not mistaken.)

if you'd like to play along, just link to one of her asswich blog entries. thanks so much!

today is auntnanny's bday! HAPPY BDAY, NANNY! have some cupcakes!

not much else has been going on this morning (it *is* only 8:41 am here) unless you count the mind numbingly painful trek to safeway to get cat food and litter at around 7 am. grocery stores are like the dawn of the dead at that time of day. everyone is lurching around with their eyes unfocused and i think that i actually heard some guy in the laundry section saying "gaaaaaaaaaaaaaain, uuungh".

i'm going back to sleep.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

sushi, wasabi monster, butterstick!, cupcakes

today has been a day for sushi!

and wasabi monsters.

(i've still got an 06.06.06 glow about me.)

also, butterstick is in the front of my brain again.

more than likely because i bought butter this morning. (and lookit! that's the first "regularly" shaped stick of butter that i've bought since i moved here! crazy-go-nuts!)

i'm making cupcakes today. should i tell you what they're going to be? nah, i'll keep it a secret for a while. a hint, however: they're not video game related. sorry.

and that's about all i've had going on this morning. i mean, unless you want me to talk about "animal crossing". nah, didn't think you wanted me too. *wink*

cupcake photos and vid coming later today!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

rahrahrah and chotda! two fantastic things that are great together in one post!

i just bought two of the most awesome silkscreens from rahrahrah on esty!

i got this version of "king rat"

(more available here)

and this version of "muthafuckin lotus eaters".

(more available here.)

my god. i haven't seen art that talks to me, no, SCREAMS at me this way in a long time. it resonates hardcore with me, baby. and not just because i've always loved both the wunderkammer/rat king legend and the lotus eaters myth (odysseus is t eh bomb, yo!) although that has something to do with it. it's also that mashup of styles--19th century clipartishness mixed with a kick ass free flowing line. i'm *so* hooked!

i want to own everything that rahrahrah makes. i'm that into it.

also in the absolutely awesome vein, chotda's on the molotov cocktail hour tonight from 11-midnight, pst! (that would be a link to kxlu's site. if you live in la, it's 88.9 fm.)

i love chotda. everything she does is AMAZING! so i can't wait to hear the show tonight!

ok, i'm gonna' look at rahrahrah's etsy page again and try not to purchase everything.

an homage to the day of the beast (06.06.06)

yes. he's talking out of his ass.

a quick observation

i just made a payment for my student loan on a leopard print check written in green ink and dated 6.6.06.

it felt wonderfully perverse even though it wasn't.

that is all.

i bore you with animal crossing

here's a brief update of my animal crossing activity. my character is cute. she has pink ponytails and geek glasses. also, in this photo, she's wearing a "rage against the machine" style shirt. (although now, inside the game, she's wearing a tuxedo dress that makes her look like a priest.)

(sorry it's so supersaturated. it's the only way i could get the game to show up.)

after i get the produce shipment and pick up my reserved books at the library, i'm either headed to the center or uptown to use some free wifi so i can get my friend code. (we don't have wifi in the apt yet. *sad* equally sad, i don't think that the queen anne branch of the library has wireless access.)

and that's all i'm saying about animal crossing. belive me, i could go on at considerable length about this game. i've been known to play the gamecube version for eight hours straight. (yeah, i know. you wouldn't think that there would be enough to do in the game for eight hours, but i found things to do.)

someone has an addictive personality. and that someone is me.

promise next post will contain minimal ac info. *pinky swear!*

Monday, June 05, 2006

this just in...

literally, i just got my ds!

im never lies.

i have a feeling that i'm going to be rakka non around for a bit while i play "animal crossing".

hi-life, i heart jens, irked tofu

okok, today. yeah, it was busy again. work was as it always is. but i had lunch with leff and a at the hi-life.

and in the mail i received the most awesome of awesome postcards from jens!

i honestly went "EEEEEE!" when i saw it in my post box! thankfully, no one was around to hear me. (which begs the question, if no one can hear a rakka say "EEEEE!" did it really happen?)

i also got my irked tofu from button arcade.

sooo cute! and he goes well with the resident chef at casa rakkaleff!

still waiting on ups to redeliver my ds. i have "animal crossing" to play. k and m both have friend codes! i want my package, dammit! (that reminds me--any of you have a friend code for "animal crossing wild world" that you'd like to share? email me at rakkadeer [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll swap! i'll be the person living in "cupcake". heh heh)

oh kay. those dishes from the party aren't going to clean themselves. which means i need to, you know, make things sanitary again.

hello, flickr friends!

i told you i'd be here! unfortunately this is all that i have time for this morning. i have to catch the bus. my day job beckons.

see you later this afternoon! *hearts!*

Sunday, June 04, 2006

no party vid, painting

did i promise you party vid? i did, didn't i? ah, well, sorry. i lied. but i do have a hangover.

his morning i thought it might be a good idea to paint walls for four hours. i took some video but i couldn't find it anywhere. (drinking too much will do that to you. heh heh) but here's a photo that i promised x that i'd post.

right, i need to sleep again.

cake, hello kotaku and aeropause readers!, mario party

oh my god, my head....

i'm still a bit drunk and am starting to become hungover but i promised you cake and cake you shall have!


and these are the mario cupcakes up close.

mushroom cupcakes

a special welcome to those of you that arrived here through aeropause and kotaku! and thanks to both sites for the mention! i wish i had something pithy to say but my head hurts too much for me to muster much pith. how about i give you a "you rock!" and leave it at that?

you rock!

(seriously though, thanks!)

ok, so real quick like-- the mario party. tres fun! uber geeky! i kicked ass at wario ware! (although i secretly think that m let me win. he never loses and could, in fact, game professionally, imho.)

k brought her cutecutecute pink skinned ds

and let me play "super mario world". oh. my. GOD, becky! the super enlarge-o mushroom is AWESOME!! and the butt bounce, ah, it remains a thing of beauty. (yes, i'm giggling at those two sentences. heh heh!)

d brought me the most AWESOME melamine plates!

she's THE GREATEST!!! thank you *SOOOO* MUCH, d! *hugs/kisses!*

she also saved the night by finding some ripe avos for the guacamole! everyone should be so lucky as to have a d!

and, well, what kind of party would it be without a shot of joe in a wig? this is him as "jackie joe".

isn't the resemblance uncanny?

right, i have to go back to sleep now. i think we're going to a "painting party" around 1 ish and it's really not cool to be weilding a roller when your head feels like it's full of concrete.