Monday, May 28, 2012

catching up on the the last week

there were some things that happened in the last seven days other than my turning older. (can you believe it? hahaa...) things like bunny and destructo sending me some prototype antenna movie stickers! here they are on beatrix, my compy.

i CANNOT WAIT for that movie.

this past week i also made crack brownies

and ate left over curry.

fuji and i had a tiny little photoshoot. well, she IS a very small cat.

and that's about it other than my drawing icepos. why don't you nut up and check out excheckered?
it ends in a little under a month.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

bday curry did not happen, obviously

no, i didn't make a curry on my birthday.

but leff did get me this donut today so yay. happy fucking birthday to me! (i'm going to pretend like yesterday didn't happen, k?)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

birthday week british curry, day four-- birthday eve half assed chicken biryani

why is it half assed? because i didn't make the rice. hahaaaaa. it has been an unexpectedly crazy day. also, i cannot afford saffron. ARE YOU KIDDING?! i'm an ARTIST. saffron on my budget. again, hahaaaaa.

anyway, i used the first half of this recipe. is good! would make again!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

birthday week british curry, day 3 is not happening

because i ate an ENTIRE BAG OF CROUTONS for lunch. which, WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?!

ugh, anyway, it's lettuce for dinner. * shrug * maybe i'll have a tomato and some carrots a little later too. it will be a salad in, like, four courses.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

birthday week british curry, day 2-- saag chicken

tonight i made saag chicken using this recipe.

ok, so it's not as spinachy as the versions that i have had in restaurants. this would be because i only had one packet of spinach. * shrug * you work with what you've got, right?

Monday, May 21, 2012

birthday week british curry, day 1-- vindalooooo, vinda-loo-hooooo

disclaimer (for shed more than anyone. heh):  i don't know nothin' 'bout makin' no curry. at least not the kind that isn't british. so, yeah, this stuff's not very authentic.

 i am cool with that.

 for the first night of birthday week curry, i made not only a chicken vindaloo BUT ALSO naan. yeah, i fucking made naan. you could too if you wanted. here is a recipe.

oh yeah! here is the recipe for the vindaloo. i added more cayenne pepper than was listed because george likes his chicken spicy but this is not required, of course.

 check back tomorrow for another curry dish! whee! i am living in a wee britain!

i see blue ponies

as far as weekly updates go, this one is not much. i spent my whole week working on icepo!

when i close my eyes, i see blue ponies.

i came up for air on friday? that day i made pita, hummus and baba ganoush.

but then it was right back to the ponies.

i'm really glad that i finished the excheckered project so early so that it can autopost.

otherwise i'd not have time for the pony business. (ps-- i'm still giving away stickers for placement. clicky for instructions.)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

bday week

next friday i will be *cough*y nine. i am not really dancey about it

but i am trying to not be depressed.

 what does this mean for you? more than likely daily posts that will more than likely be about adventures in british curry. because that makes me happy. and being happy is good when you're turning almost *cough*ty.

Monday, May 14, 2012

malcolm tucker embroidery

made last night when i couldn't sleep. again.

presents, stars, ponies and skulls

the dreaded bday (bede day) is rapidly approaching. but because of friends, i am not doing too badly. (get back to me next week. ugh.)

anyway, the wonderful cate MADE ME THIS NECKLACE!!!

it is incredible and i love it and i wear it EVERY DAY!! THANK YOU, CATE!!!

leff surprised me with two books!

THANK YOU, LEFF!!  these were perfect!! (he even included my favorite happ birt joke on the card.)

so, yes, i will be ancient but my friends are awesome. there is some hokey platitude which i will not type. (i do love my innerest circle though.)

what else? last week we watched "look around you". it had a ceefax segment!

i also found inexplicable star glitter on my floor. it happens.

it reminded me to watch "lick the star" again. which, ok, fine. no problem.

the iceponies are starting to roam the earth! kiki sent in two photos from london! (his orig photo here)

instructions for participation are at that link. want it again? here. link, link, link.

here is also a link to excheckered.

poor yorick. blah, blah, blah.

Monday, May 07, 2012

cinco de derby + icepo!

the first weekend in may. that means, kentucky derby and also close approximation to cinco de mayo. this year, both things happened on the same day! so leff and i had a little cinco de mayo "party". (read:  it was just us. we don't throw parties here anymore as no one in seattle knows how to attend one.)

anyway, the derby part of cinco de derby involves mint juleps. i hate these and usually only drink part of one FOR SCIENCE but fuji seems to enjoy imbibing them. (leff's photo, btw)

the de mayo part revolves around american style mexican food. here're some chicken soft tacos (leff's photo) with mango salsa and guacamole

and some roasted peppers.

sometimes i roast peppers just to make myself feel better.  i love the aroma. also, you know, burning things.

we had a sort of thanksgiving on sunday since we had to roast the last turkey in the freezer that was left over from november but i didn't feel like taking any photos. (it was sort of like this only with bloody marys 'cause we didn't have prosecco. (also, no pumpkiny things or stuffing because, meh.))

this week i also started a goofy project called icepo! here are the directions if you'd like to participate. (too tired to ctrl c, ctrl v the text. sorries!)

all photos submitted will be placed in that flickr set and also on the tumblr.

last, as usual, is excheckered.

you're such a meathead.

Sunday, May 06, 2012

that post where i seem like i'm begging for presents

a lot of you have been asking me what i want for my *cough*th  bday. i am going to make this the official post and say it boldly and in larger font size:

if you have to get me anything, please have it be something that you made or, barring that, regional junk food.

a thing that you might make that i would particularly enjoy?  a mix cd. you don't even have to burn it for me, just zip it up and email it or, idk, dropbox it. yeah, dropbox it like it's hot.

does this clear up matters for everyone?  good.

also, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AS TO OFFER TO SEND ME THINGS!! i do appreciate it. i am just cranky because i am getting older.