Sunday, April 30, 2006

Disposal Bag @Kitty Jet

Disposal Bag @Kitty Jet
Originally uploaded by CookieM.

jens pointed me to cookiem's photos tagged with evaair. and that means the hello kitty jet!

who would ever think that barf bags could be so cute? (thanks, jens!)

i heart etsy! sometimes etsy hearts me back!

thanks to the awesome jared i've got another item on the etsy front page!

it's the ascii about my computer card! thanks so much, jared!

oh, stephen colbert! how i love thee! let me count the ways! one onethousand, two onethousand...

did you SEE stephen colbert at white house correspondents' dinner last night on cspan? DID YOU?!? because if you haven't and if you haven't read what everyone else on the internets has already said, you should get your hands on it any way you can! (links found via mefi.)

hell, tivo it offa' cspan! just trust me, it's fucking BRILLIANT! i've heard that the rebroadcasts even have an insert showing bush's reaction to colbert's comments and i've *got* to see it! (leff and i caught it live last night. we're wondering if bush is going to have colbert deported for having the balls to tell the truth about his presidency.)

(*laughing to self at memory of colbert's grilling of bush and developing even more of a crush on stephen colbert at the same time* (it's mulittasking.))

it's stephen colbert's head!  live!  on cspan last night!

(sorry it's a photo from the end of the speech. i was too busy laughing to properly take a photo while he was talking.)

also, unrelated to the correspondants' dinner and of interest only to me, i FINALLY found a place where i can link to the image of a box of big mix cereal, the foodstuff that sustained me through my senior year of high school! (that and diet coke and chocolate milk. but not all together in one bowl.) so a big thank you to the person that posted the photo of the box! *kisses!*

right, i don't know about you, but i'm going to watch cspan now. and THAT'S a sentence that i never thought i'd type.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

walking on a 2 x 4 landscape

what are you doing on thursday? if you don't live in the immediate seattle area, i'll bet you're not frantically rushing to the henry to be one of 80 people allowed to walk on maya lin's 2 x 4 landscape.

i'll bet you've already guessed that's what i'm going to be doing thursday morning. (thanks to seattlest for the tip.)

hopefully, i'll be able to report that i'm one of the lucky 80. *fingers crossed*

also, please remember if you're in belltown on thurs @ 5th and denny, joe's opening is at caffe bella from 7p-9p. joe's not only one of the coolest people that i know in seattle, he's also an incredible photographer. please drop by cafe bella if you can! it should be an awesome show!

Friday, April 28, 2006

bustin' makes me feel good!

leff, a and i have been thinking about names a lot lately. specifically web names. even more specifically web 2.0 names.

(i know it seems a little behind the curve to be writing about web 2.0 names this late in the game but sometimes when projects use ajax and ruby on rails and such, it calls for the term "web 2.0". i didn't make this rule. i make rules like "the person who laughs first has to clean the litterbox!".)

anyway, an article that brian d. crecente of kotaku fame wrote for the rocky mountain news contains this little nugget of genius from branding expert steve manning. and i quote:

“The biggest key to figuring out it’s a bad name is when they explain it,” he said. “You don’t have to explain a good name, you have to explain a bad name.”

sheer distilled genius. (even though it's about the nintendo wii, it's still very applicable to the 2.0 situation at hand.) (and, no. i don't really care for the name "wii", for what it's worth. but i'll still buy the console because i heart nintendo.)

it makes sense really. a person sees a website's name on their screen and, unless you're willing to have an imbedded audio file explaining the name on the front page, the name stands alone. quite like the cheese.

and that's all i'm going to say about that.

*ahem* i guess i should tell you a joke to make up for being all serious. here's one of jme's.

q: what's brown and sticky?

a: a stick

(i really do think that's an awesome joke.)

in other news, it's three days until may. and may means lots of baking since it's my birthday month. i don't know what kind of cake i'm making for myself this year but i DO know that i feel like making cupcakes. probably a batch a week. so stay tuned if you're into things like these.

also this year, i'll be celebrating in september since it will be my 33 1/3 birthday. which makes it a record birthday. *ba doom chick!* thank you, cleveland!

right. this post needs a photo.

who am i gonna call?

who am i gonna' call?

*sigh* ok, that was pretty bad...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

wax on, wax off and other things

today's been kind of weird. first off, a lot of queen anne's streets are being resurfaced. i hadn't given it much thought until a construction worker smiled at me, said "welcome to beirut!", tipped his helmet and then started jackhammering the pavement to pieces.

that has been making me laugh all day.

secondly, i look like i had a bizarre mascara accident because s accidentally got wax on my eyelid and lashes today.

(she was *so* upset about it. honestly, it didn't hurt and it, too, has been making me laugh. i might use the leftover wax to stick a post-it to my face so i remember to mop today.)

and here's something i'll bet you didn't know (or even care about). apparently, people in seattle are picky about what kind of stamps they use on their envelopes. at least that's what my favorite post office worker told me today. (i was buying stamps and didn't request any special ones which caused her to comment that i was "a rare person". HAHAHAHA!)

and so ends my installment of "the people in my neighborhood". (in my neigh-bor-hood, oh!) can you tell that i've being running errands most of the day?

in actual interesting news, seattle weekly's 2006 music awards are this weekend in ballard and i can't wait! it feels like the beginning of music festival season! which means too much drinking and lots of sunscreen!

i'm honestly looking forward to summer for once.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


yesterday's headache was a beast and because of it, i feel like an open faced death sammich today.

today i feel like death sandwich (open faced)

i mourn the passing of several brain cells and hope that they weren't the ones that contained memories like "where i keep my keys" and "fire bad!".

since i'm in mourning (and, actually, still in pain) i'll keep this entry short. have you met david?

david made a very good tv

he made a very good tv. you should ask him what's on tonight because i think i'm going to go dose on some more ibuprofen.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

viva etsy! long live etsy!

i go away to have a mind wrenchingly painful migraine for most of the day and look what happens, kittens! my mario painting was the 50,000 item sold on etsy!

how incredibly, wonderfully awesome! i'm so honored to have been a landmark etsy sale!
viva etsy! long live etsy!

Monday, April 24, 2006

from washington to washington, voice recognition is a tard

leff needs to head back to the district this summer to visit his family. (neither of us does holidays with our folks because, well, have YOU been to the airport over the holidays? you have? well then you understand why i would avoid them like fifty plagues during that time of year.)

anyway, we've been having a discussion about whether or not i need to accompany him on this trip. ok, i lie. it's pretty much been me saying "i like your mother, do i have to visit your other parental unit?" (i often make an ick face as emphasis on the "other" part as well.)

so i've been hemming and hawing and seeing and sawing. but then i did a search for boutique hotels in d.c. and i found the helix.

oh, i'll go if i can stay at the helix! (fast announcer voice: some restrictions apply. visit with paternal family member not included in stay.)

in other news, leff has voice recognition for google talk at his job.

rack uh says voice recognition is a tard

i was trying to get his computer to say "nin ten do po ta to" because to me, that's humerical. (humourous + hysterical. that means it's ultra funny.) but it didn't work. it kept saying "rak uh says "nin"", etc.

*sigh* voice recognition is a tard.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

no more flickr groups! (say that like "no more wire hangers!")

"oh no! not another flickr post!" i can hear you scream! and to me that feels as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. well, not really but you get what i'm saying. maybe.

i've previously mentioned that i've locked all of my photos on flickr older than one month so that no one, except me, can comment or post tags or notes. i did this because as soon as flickr requires a yahoo login (without offering the grandfather "old skool" flickr signin as well) i'll only be using flickr as a photo storage facility and not my social networking site of choice.

"so what?" you might ask. (god, you're punchy today!) well, apparently, simply locking down all of my photos was not the answer to my problem. i unintenionally found a loophole.

i've long known that any photos posted to groups would be visible to anyone that looks in that group regardless as to whether or not anyone had marked the photo as private, "friends only", etc. what i DIDN'T know was that COMMENTS CAN ALSO BE MADE if a photo has been posted to a group regardless as to whether or not said photos had been marked as "no one can comment. NO ONE!!".

it's an irritating bug. i wish that they would fix it. but, seeing as how no new features except a useless yahoo toolbar item have been released in months, i decided to hack around the problem.

this means that i no longer have any photos in any groups. (except for two "what's in your bag" photos.) and this makes me ms. antisocial, i'm sure. whatever. it had to be done.

and that's all i've really got to say about that. except perhaps to add who the hell invited me to a "churches of the world" group? i mean, COME ON! *serious eyeroll*

ok, this has been a bitchy post. have a photo of peel on the house.


library sale wrap-up

you know, if i was a man, i'd change my name to alfred n. omega.


yesterday was the first day of the seattle public library's biannual book sale! to say that it's a huge event (in more than one sense of the word) would be doing it an injustice. for starters, it's held in an old airplane hangar at magnuson park. the outside, if you will

eeeep!  it's the library sale!

and here's a sneaky blurry photo of PART of the inside.

spl spring library sale!

oh. my. god! HUGENESS!

leff and i were a bit late to the event. (i had to give a test in the a.m.) but we still managed to spend $30 (u.s.) on various paperbacks.

fujiko inspects the library sale payload

ok, mainly agatha christie paperbacks. but, come on! we both read her to unwind. in other words, a wise investment.

and this time i managed to keep myself from snagging stupid titles like "the joys of jello"

joys of jello

that didn't have redeeming qualities (besides a title that reminded me of the joy of sex, of course.)

and i didn't go crazynutzoid in the kid's section since there was only 15 minutes left in the sale at that point. (i got three judy blume titles! (are you there god..., blubber and forever. *preteen squeals!*), the phantom tollbooth (which i typoed as "the phantom toolbooth. ah, the "joys of jello" and their perverting powers!), roald dahl's the twits and others.

i think i'd like to go back today since all items are half off. but, as groc has pointed out, i really don't have the room for more books. UNLESS (!) i get another bookshelf!

note to self: get another bookshelf. alternately, make a small chair for miffy out of the books.

miffy kicks back in her bibliochair

Friday, April 21, 2006

i pikachoose to do something else

this weekend the pokemon 10th anniversary tour is going to be in seattle.

"oh nos!" i said when i realized that i couldn't fit it, work and the library sale into the same day.

actually, i didn't so much say it as draw it.

oh nos!

and, honestly, i'm not disappointed that i'm missing it. i mean, as much fun as it would be to have my photograph taken with person in a giant yellow rat costume, i'd still have to take the 150 bus to mongolia and THEN have to suffer through a mall.

um, empahsis is needed. a MALL!!! where there will be children (CHILDREN!!!) since it's saturday.

plus, have i mentioned this? i never played pokemon except for my little tamagachi type thing.

i see you pikachu! (for pip)

where was i going with this? oh, christ, i don't know. this whole thing was just an excuse for me to type "oh nos!" (because it makes me laugh) and post those photos of pikachu.

*toot toot toot!*

did you hear that? that was the sound of me being obnoxious and tooting my own horn again. (sorry, it's self promotion time again. *sad emoticon*)

"why the tootalidge?" you might ask? i'll tell you! the flickr group that i started many moons and eons ago, what's in your bag?, got a mention on the front page of kate spade today!

a link to the article. or the blurb itself in case you don't feel like clicking.

i should also mention here that i heart groc because i wouldn't be able to admin the group properly without him. *kisses and hugs and chocolate and spongebobs to groc!*

Thursday, April 20, 2006

one quarter of a favor to ask

if you have some time and your clicking finger isn't busted, could you please make your way to this page to vote for the pacific northwest native american orca quarter?


in other words, this one:

(image snagged from the previous linked to site, btw.)

i don't care that "hayden", if that's his real name, thinks that "some people just like apples so they might just want those apples!" the first two quarter designs on that page are crap!

if people want apples, they can bloody well go buy them!

please, vote for the orca quarter. i'll be your bff!

ascii about my computer

ascii about my computer

oh ho ho! will the bad geek jokes ever stop?


available at etsy.

Caffe Bella Show

Caffe Bella Show
Originally uploaded by josephpeter.

HOORAY!! joe has an opening at caffe bella on may 4th!

if you happen to be in the belltown area of seattle that day between 7 and 9 pm, you should stop by because joe's photos rock!

tiny rockers and snakes on a plane

oh, sweetmeats! give smoosh a listen! (there's a play button at the top of the main page.) they're tiny rockers! oh goodness, how i heart tiny rockers! (another example would be old skull. only now they aren't so tiny anymore. (and they were never as talented as smoosh is.) *sigh* they grow up so fast.)

make sure to mark your calenders! aug 18th is the u.s. release date of "snakes on a plane"!

to do, aug 18th

i've already got it in my calender! you should hop to it, bunbuns! it's going to be awesome in the worst sense of the word! a train wreck worth watching! best place!

can you tell it's been another slow day?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

some ado about nothing

today has been wonderfully uneventful. i've been drinking lots of kosher orange juice (buy one get one free after passover. i heart when passover bev goes on sale.) to keep my cold at bay. and i made some kiwi muffins since tiny's keeps sending kiwis and neither leff nor i eat the blasted things.

kiwi muffin with bijou

(i used this recipe. sadly, the muffins didn't turn out anywhere NEAR as green as i wanted them to. i wanted wicked witch of the west green! lime kool aid green! even new leaf green! but no, instead of the riot of color the recipe warned of, i got plain muffin color. *sigh*)

also been watching "history of britain" on the history channel even though we own all of the dvds. it's fun to see commercials for mutual funds and prescription meds spliced between the drama of mary queen of scots.

oh! five minutes until the scheduled outage for blogger! looks like i'd better stop writing!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

scientology and bad game puns

still recovering from a stupid spring cold. bleah. but i got my coffee cozy from aine yesterday!

awesome coffee holder from aine!

it's really cool since it not only fits coffee cups but also soda cans. and it protects beverages from black lagoony monsters too.

so, last night i had a dream that i rescued my brother from scientologists. i physically pulled him out of their enclave (which, btw, was located next to the art supply store on union ave in memphis, tn.) with the assistance of my cat fujiko

fuji pbbbbt

and a butterfinger candy bar.

i'm sure this has all sorts of weirdo freudian possibilities, but i'm not into freud preferring jung instead. so there.

er, for what it's worth, the scientologists had hypnotized my brother with a candy bar called "fwd". which, honestly, isn't that bad of a name for a candy bar.

but moving on from the dream, (i don't want tom cruise to utilize his master wizard powers + 3 to hunt me down for inaccurately dreaming about scientology.) perhaps you know of my insane baking hobby. you know, where i make video game cakes and such?

well, i was kidding around with leff on sunday telling him that i was going to open a video game bakery called "first person sugar" which would, of course, be geek pwned and operated.

i'd make various controllers out of cake, 8bit cookies out of nintendough (that i would sell unbaked in case anyone wanted to make their own cookies at home)and i could call myself master chief. only i'd spell it "chef" with an insert letter carrot


(no, not that kind of carrot, the editing kind.)

and the letter "i" where appropriate.

for chinese new year, i could make harvest mooncakes. and, after i'd made my name, i could expand to offer breakfast items like a deep fried katamari and maybe even sausage links.

yes, i'm nuts.

but anyway, i need to stop rambling. dishes have piled up since i've been ill. and i have to catch the bus to upper queen anne to get some more books. (i'm thinking about joining the book club at the library. i'll decide once i finish reading their selection for this month. anyone ever read the dew breaker?)

Monday, April 17, 2006


Originally uploaded by bktanaka.

somewhere. somewhere in seattle this graffito exists.

i must find it.

(photo from bktanaka, found via seattlest.)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

links (fill up your hearts/so you can use your sword of power!)

have i used that title before? eh, probably. but it's all i've got this morning.

ok, so. next weekend. BIIIIIIIG deal for me! not only is maya linn (MAYA LINN!) going to be at the henry on friday (no, i don't have tickets. *sigh*) but also, THE SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOKSALE is happening!! AAAAAAAH!! *hyperventilating from overuse of capslock!*

you know about me and booksales, right? if not, i'm sure you can guess. anyway, this one is HUUUUGE! like, people line up for it hours in advance, let me repeat that, HOURS in advance just to buy books and such!

god, i love seattle.

more goodness going on. pretty girls make graves is giving an instore at sonic boom in ballard today. i won't be there because i'll be at d's seder but i thought i'd list it in case any of you seattlites are in the area and want to drop by sonic boom. (6 pm, today (4.15.06)) (info via metroblogging.)

while we're on the subject of ballard, check out these kokeshi that were in the awesome frame shop's window.


i *love* that particular frame shop on nw market! i spotted some silkscreened vinyl that i've *GOT* to have! i'll post photos of it here once i have it in my possession!

but for now, i must bid you adieu. banana bread. it can't bake itself.

Friday, April 14, 2006

happy holidays

happy spring holidays, chickadees!

happy freakin' easter

it's cold. (and i'm tired.)

actually, it's not that cold. i'm just not used to spring at this latitude. in other words, i'm kind of grumpy because i can't run around in a cute skirt, short sleeves, flip-flops and sunglasses yet.

yesterday was my kid brother's 29th birthday. i know, i know, 29 makes him "not a kid anymore" but i still think of him as one. (hell, i still think of myself as one.) which makes it hard to come to terms with the fact that next year he'll be 30. *sigh* this getting older business sucks.

(btw, happy bday, speedy buggy. MWAH-HAAA-HAAAAAAA!!!)

on a completely different and totally ridiculous note, i'm smitten with joanne fluke's baking/murder books. i realize that admitting this in public moves me dangerously closer to being an official spinster ladywoman. but i don't care. i still don't know how to knit. (again, MWAH-HAAA-HAAAA!!!)

oh, before i go, here's a brief conversation i had with my favorite checkout guy at safeway.

him (looking at my trader joe's canvas bag): trader joe's? what are you doing with that bag in here? isn't that illegal or something?

me: devious *is* my middle name.

(time passes. exhange of money and goods occurs)

him: thanks so much! have a nice day, devious!

me: *cracking up*

right. and now i must continue with my day. i think leff and i are taking the ferry this weekend to see bremmerton's newly restored wpa era, art deco library.

yes, i think that's fun. *pbbbt!*

Thursday, April 13, 2006


tonight i made skull cupcakes.

skull cakes

no reason. i just did.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

pac man egg!

and the final easter egg for this year is a pac man egg!

pac man egg!

i carved this egg with a needle. (which would explain why it's a little wonky.) after carving, i painted the egg black so it would be easier to see the cutout when a light was placed underneath it.

so, hooray! the 2006 ovulation celebration is finished! now on to other things!

domokun egg!

here's the second easter egg of 2006! it's a domokun egg! complete with fujiko playing the requisite kitten role!

domokun egg!

last eggs coming soon! hopefully before good friday!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by josephpeter.

hooray! the atari controller cake was a hit! (so sayeth joe a.k.a. jam master jay who took this photo.)

w00tness and etc!

links and such

got a few things worth mentioning for you, my little bunbuns! (someone's been reading a bit too much of cute overload. sheesh!)

2006 seattle edible book festival photos are up! there's some really great stuff on that page! (and i'm not saying that because i participated.)

aine has her etsy shop open! in case you didn't know, aine's an awesome knitter/crocheter/all around crafter! snatch up some of her handiwork before it's all gone!

the woodland park zoo is pretty darn cool (and right on a bus stop). they have egyptian tortoises.

egyptian tortoise

the animals were the most active of any that i've ever seen at a zoo. i mean, normally the snakes just sleep on their hot rocks, right? not at the woodland park zoo! they slither and do other snakey things. which = cool, in case you're keeping score.

got a chairzilla print from pantufla and it rocks!


there are more for sale or trade available here should you want your own chairzilla.

and now i must mail leff's tax return and make vegetable stock and potato salad.



Thursday, April 06, 2006

st mario

and there she is! the st mario painting (after francis of assisi, of course) that i submitted to the i am 8bit contest.

i'm not expecting it to be accepted into the show but at least i tried.

now onto other projects!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i'm such a liar!

why must i lie to you so much, cupcakes? i don't mean to lead you on when i say that i'm not going to be online much this next little bit. i really don't.

forgive me?

here's an atari controller cake that i made for joe's friend's bday.

atari controller cake

it's really small. like, almost lifesized. and, in keeping with joystick aesthics, it's a bit, er...rude if your mind happens to live in the gutter.

NOW, for reals. i'm going to be away from the keyboard. unless i make something wicked cool that i have to show you.


space invader buttons/badges!

i know, i know, i said i wouldn't be here for a while but that was before the procrastination set in.

lookit what i found on etsy's homepage today!

space invader pins from art and me!

i already ordered a set for myself. (i think there are four left now.)

they're seriously cool. if you're so inclined, you should snap these puppies up before they're gone!

ok, NOW i'm going to be gone for a while. i think...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

one last thing before i go

it's the first easter egg of the season!

binary easter egg

a binary easter egg. (yes, the binary on the egg = "easter egg". at least that's how i calculated it. i could be wrong though...)

k, seriously, that's it for a while.

weekend plus

so here's a quick round up (yeeee-haw!) of the weekend + one day.

saturday, of course, was the edible book festival! it was FANTASTIC! (esp since some of the organizers of the show told me that they had been watching the progression of my lucky wander boy cake online! how awesome!)

the end of lucky wander boy

that would be the end result. more festival photos are here. i didn't get to post photos of some of my favorite entries (like, the wicked cake that d and i made) because the camera was only focusing about half the time.

stupid camera.

oh, i'm making another cake this week for j's friend who's visiting from new york. photos soon. (it's going to be a small cake, no big deal really.)

i've got a new card at etsy. it's a binary bunny.

binary bunny

if you'd like a bunny to pet and love and call your own, click here.

more cards coming soon.

b loaned me his psp so i can play the new "katamari damacy" game!


and "death jr" and "tokobots". and probably "sims 2" while i'm at it.

in that photo, you'll also see a pse version 2.0 range murata figure. this is the danger of living in a city that has at least five places to purchase vinyl toys.

in addition to that figure, i also adopted this wai wai animal

a bear wai wai animal

and a catbus magnet.


the only downside to that trek downtown was that the bubble tea place was closed. *sigh*

other things:
* i took the world's greatest nap on sat.
* then i took the world's second greatest nap on sun.
* lots and lots of chibi-robo.
* i found the best indie office supply store in my neighborhood. they have ART SUPPLIES!! (this means that i don't have to trek to utrecht if i need, say, acrylic titanium white. HOORAY!)
* found out that it was a good thing that i left my first job in seattle when i did because now that place is CLOSED with all of the employees downsized.
* did i mention chibi-robo?

i'll more than likely be away from the computer for the next little bit. i thought that i had a week longer on most of my current deadlines but i was wrong. so woefully wrong.

back soon.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

nintendo power!

ok, so at the risk of sounding like a total self promoting ass, the ds cake got mentioned in the april 2006 nintendo power "community" section! hooray!

(this would be one of those "press related items" that i wrote about earlier this year.)

and it's underneath the fantastic mario cookie! how cool!

(sorry for the bad scan. we have a bad scanner.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy april fool's day!

no jokes for you yet. it's early and i've not had coffee.

i'm resisting the urge to make a shirt that says "master baker" for the book festival today. (i specialize in low brow humor, you see. once, when forced to wear a forest gump tshirt that said "gump happens!" as part of a tie-in for a job, i sharpied "consult your gynecologist." underneath the offending "gumpism". (ergo, the shirt read "gump happens! consult your gynecologist.") i didn't have to wear any gump shirts again after that day.)

where was i? oh yes! here is the finished cake.

as finished as it's gonna' get!

you'll no doubt notice the lack of a microsurgeon word balloon and the addition of a cake lucky wander boy book. this is because i didn't want to spend the entire day saying "ok, see? the main character plays "microsurgeon" religiously in one section of the book because he thinks it's helping his grandmother fight her terminal disease. yes, "microsurgeon". it was a game for intellivsion circa 1982." etc, etc

now i can just say "i like video games and cake! tee hee! *emoticon!*"

here i must /end. errand running must be done, leffs must be awakened from their slumber and april fool's day jokes must commence!