Thursday, April 27, 2006

wax on, wax off and other things

today's been kind of weird. first off, a lot of queen anne's streets are being resurfaced. i hadn't given it much thought until a construction worker smiled at me, said "welcome to beirut!", tipped his helmet and then started jackhammering the pavement to pieces.

that has been making me laugh all day.

secondly, i look like i had a bizarre mascara accident because s accidentally got wax on my eyelid and lashes today.

(she was *so* upset about it. honestly, it didn't hurt and it, too, has been making me laugh. i might use the leftover wax to stick a post-it to my face so i remember to mop today.)

and here's something i'll bet you didn't know (or even care about). apparently, people in seattle are picky about what kind of stamps they use on their envelopes. at least that's what my favorite post office worker told me today. (i was buying stamps and didn't request any special ones which caused her to comment that i was "a rare person". HAHAHAHA!)

and so ends my installment of "the people in my neighborhood". (in my neigh-bor-hood, oh!) can you tell that i've being running errands most of the day?

in actual interesting news, seattle weekly's 2006 music awards are this weekend in ballard and i can't wait! it feels like the beginning of music festival season! which means too much drinking and lots of sunscreen!

i'm honestly looking forward to summer for once.

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