Wednesday, April 19, 2006

some ado about nothing

today has been wonderfully uneventful. i've been drinking lots of kosher orange juice (buy one get one free after passover. i heart when passover bev goes on sale.) to keep my cold at bay. and i made some kiwi muffins since tiny's keeps sending kiwis and neither leff nor i eat the blasted things.

kiwi muffin with bijou

(i used this recipe. sadly, the muffins didn't turn out anywhere NEAR as green as i wanted them to. i wanted wicked witch of the west green! lime kool aid green! even new leaf green! but no, instead of the riot of color the recipe warned of, i got plain muffin color. *sigh*)

also been watching "history of britain" on the history channel even though we own all of the dvds. it's fun to see commercials for mutual funds and prescription meds spliced between the drama of mary queen of scots.

oh! five minutes until the scheduled outage for blogger! looks like i'd better stop writing!

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