Saturday, April 15, 2006

links (fill up your hearts/so you can use your sword of power!)

have i used that title before? eh, probably. but it's all i've got this morning.

ok, so. next weekend. BIIIIIIIG deal for me! not only is maya linn (MAYA LINN!) going to be at the henry on friday (no, i don't have tickets. *sigh*) but also, THE SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOKSALE is happening!! AAAAAAAH!! *hyperventilating from overuse of capslock!*

you know about me and booksales, right? if not, i'm sure you can guess. anyway, this one is HUUUUGE! like, people line up for it hours in advance, let me repeat that, HOURS in advance just to buy books and such!

god, i love seattle.

more goodness going on. pretty girls make graves is giving an instore at sonic boom in ballard today. i won't be there because i'll be at d's seder but i thought i'd list it in case any of you seattlites are in the area and want to drop by sonic boom. (6 pm, today (4.15.06)) (info via metroblogging.)

while we're on the subject of ballard, check out these kokeshi that were in the awesome frame shop's window.


i *love* that particular frame shop on nw market! i spotted some silkscreened vinyl that i've *GOT* to have! i'll post photos of it here once i have it in my possession!

but for now, i must bid you adieu. banana bread. it can't bake itself.

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