Saturday, April 01, 2006

happy april fool's day!

no jokes for you yet. it's early and i've not had coffee.

i'm resisting the urge to make a shirt that says "master baker" for the book festival today. (i specialize in low brow humor, you see. once, when forced to wear a forest gump tshirt that said "gump happens!" as part of a tie-in for a job, i sharpied "consult your gynecologist." underneath the offending "gumpism". (ergo, the shirt read "gump happens! consult your gynecologist.") i didn't have to wear any gump shirts again after that day.)

where was i? oh yes! here is the finished cake.

as finished as it's gonna' get!

you'll no doubt notice the lack of a microsurgeon word balloon and the addition of a cake lucky wander boy book. this is because i didn't want to spend the entire day saying "ok, see? the main character plays "microsurgeon" religiously in one section of the book because he thinks it's helping his grandmother fight her terminal disease. yes, "microsurgeon". it was a game for intellivsion circa 1982." etc, etc

now i can just say "i like video games and cake! tee hee! *emoticon!*"

here i must /end. errand running must be done, leffs must be awakened from their slumber and april fool's day jokes must commence!


burnt tortilla said...

so cool rakka!
: )

r4kk4 said...

thanks, bt!! :D!

i'll post more about the festival later! i had to take a loooooong nap today because going to anything that resembles an opening wears me out! ;D