Sunday, April 23, 2006

no more flickr groups! (say that like "no more wire hangers!")

"oh no! not another flickr post!" i can hear you scream! and to me that feels as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. well, not really but you get what i'm saying. maybe.

i've previously mentioned that i've locked all of my photos on flickr older than one month so that no one, except me, can comment or post tags or notes. i did this because as soon as flickr requires a yahoo login (without offering the grandfather "old skool" flickr signin as well) i'll only be using flickr as a photo storage facility and not my social networking site of choice.

"so what?" you might ask. (god, you're punchy today!) well, apparently, simply locking down all of my photos was not the answer to my problem. i unintenionally found a loophole.

i've long known that any photos posted to groups would be visible to anyone that looks in that group regardless as to whether or not anyone had marked the photo as private, "friends only", etc. what i DIDN'T know was that COMMENTS CAN ALSO BE MADE if a photo has been posted to a group regardless as to whether or not said photos had been marked as "no one can comment. NO ONE!!".

it's an irritating bug. i wish that they would fix it. but, seeing as how no new features except a useless yahoo toolbar item have been released in months, i decided to hack around the problem.

this means that i no longer have any photos in any groups. (except for two "what's in your bag" photos.) and this makes me ms. antisocial, i'm sure. whatever. it had to be done.

and that's all i've really got to say about that. except perhaps to add who the hell invited me to a "churches of the world" group? i mean, COME ON! *serious eyeroll*

ok, this has been a bitchy post. have a photo of peel on the house.



Brit said...

I know how you feel. I'm so over flickr. I mean, I already pay for web hosting...

r4kk4 said...

i know. it is a bit irritating.

Pip said...

that's a lametastic bug :(

what dya think you'll be using as your thingy of choice one flickr goes yahoo-only?

r4kk4 said...

it's seriously lame. and it's been said before in forums (although i can't for the life of me remember where. probably flickr bugs) that they're not changing the "private photo may be viewed when place in groups bug".

since the "no comment photos can have comments if placed in a group bug" is quite similar, i'm doubting it will ever be fixed either! ARGH!

i don't know why i'm still bitching about it. probably because i had to manually go through 1000 + photos individually to remove them from groups. it would have really helped to have a batch funtion for that.


anyway, i think i'm moving to leff's super secret project soon. it'll only be private beta for a bit yet so i'll have to use blogger's photo uploading tools until they go live.

BUT if they don't change the mothereffing name i'll be out of there pretty soon. i mean, i love leff but, well, you know about the travesty of the name choice...

Pip said...

it's a pretty damn appalling name, and, although leff has been working on it, that doesn't mean it's any good (cos presumably he's not the boss :)

r4kk4 said...

it's one of the worst names i've heard in a while. like, it's so bad, they're going to have to *overcome* the name. which is really, really a silly move in a market that competative, if you ask me.

from what he's told me he's been able to add features that are missing from flickr and other sites. it won't all be there when it goes live, of course, since it's just two developers and they haven't even been working on it for a year yet.

but, either way, it should be fun for people to look at leff's code. because he writes some really clever stuff, that leff guy!