Sunday, April 23, 2006

library sale wrap-up

you know, if i was a man, i'd change my name to alfred n. omega.


yesterday was the first day of the seattle public library's biannual book sale! to say that it's a huge event (in more than one sense of the word) would be doing it an injustice. for starters, it's held in an old airplane hangar at magnuson park. the outside, if you will

eeeep!  it's the library sale!

and here's a sneaky blurry photo of PART of the inside.

spl spring library sale!

oh. my. god! HUGENESS!

leff and i were a bit late to the event. (i had to give a test in the a.m.) but we still managed to spend $30 (u.s.) on various paperbacks.

fujiko inspects the library sale payload

ok, mainly agatha christie paperbacks. but, come on! we both read her to unwind. in other words, a wise investment.

and this time i managed to keep myself from snagging stupid titles like "the joys of jello"

joys of jello

that didn't have redeeming qualities (besides a title that reminded me of the joy of sex, of course.)

and i didn't go crazynutzoid in the kid's section since there was only 15 minutes left in the sale at that point. (i got three judy blume titles! (are you there god..., blubber and forever. *preteen squeals!*), the phantom tollbooth (which i typoed as "the phantom toolbooth. ah, the "joys of jello" and their perverting powers!), roald dahl's the twits and others.

i think i'd like to go back today since all items are half off. but, as groc has pointed out, i really don't have the room for more books. UNLESS (!) i get another bookshelf!

note to self: get another bookshelf. alternately, make a small chair for miffy out of the books.

miffy kicks back in her bibliochair

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