Tuesday, April 04, 2006

weekend plus

so here's a quick round up (yeeee-haw!) of the weekend + one day.

saturday, of course, was the edible book festival! it was FANTASTIC! (esp since some of the organizers of the show told me that they had been watching the progression of my lucky wander boy cake online! how awesome!)

the end of lucky wander boy

that would be the end result. more festival photos are here. i didn't get to post photos of some of my favorite entries (like, the wicked cake that d and i made) because the camera was only focusing about half the time.

stupid camera.

oh, i'm making another cake this week for j's friend who's visiting from new york. photos soon. (it's going to be a small cake, no big deal really.)

i've got a new card at etsy. it's a binary bunny.

binary bunny

if you'd like a bunny to pet and love and call your own, click here.

more cards coming soon.

b loaned me his psp so i can play the new "katamari damacy" game!


and "death jr" and "tokobots". and probably "sims 2" while i'm at it.

in that photo, you'll also see a pse version 2.0 range murata figure. this is the danger of living in a city that has at least five places to purchase vinyl toys.

in addition to that figure, i also adopted this wai wai animal

a bear wai wai animal

and a catbus magnet.


the only downside to that trek downtown was that the bubble tea place was closed. *sigh*

other things:
* i took the world's greatest nap on sat.
* then i took the world's second greatest nap on sun.
* lots and lots of chibi-robo.
* i found the best indie office supply store in my neighborhood. they have ART SUPPLIES!! (this means that i don't have to trek to utrecht if i need, say, acrylic titanium white. HOORAY!)
* found out that it was a good thing that i left my first job in seattle when i did because now that place is CLOSED with all of the employees downsized.
* did i mention chibi-robo?

i'll more than likely be away from the computer for the next little bit. i thought that i had a week longer on most of my current deadlines but i was wrong. so woefully wrong.

back soon.

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