Monday, April 24, 2006

from washington to washington, voice recognition is a tard

leff needs to head back to the district this summer to visit his family. (neither of us does holidays with our folks because, well, have YOU been to the airport over the holidays? you have? well then you understand why i would avoid them like fifty plagues during that time of year.)

anyway, we've been having a discussion about whether or not i need to accompany him on this trip. ok, i lie. it's pretty much been me saying "i like your mother, do i have to visit your other parental unit?" (i often make an ick face as emphasis on the "other" part as well.)

so i've been hemming and hawing and seeing and sawing. but then i did a search for boutique hotels in d.c. and i found the helix.

oh, i'll go if i can stay at the helix! (fast announcer voice: some restrictions apply. visit with paternal family member not included in stay.)

in other news, leff has voice recognition for google talk at his job.

rack uh says voice recognition is a tard

i was trying to get his computer to say "nin ten do po ta to" because to me, that's humerical. (humourous + hysterical. that means it's ultra funny.) but it didn't work. it kept saying "rak uh says "nin"", etc.

*sigh* voice recognition is a tard.


Lisa B. said...

So if you accompany leff to the DC area, that's only about 4-5 hours north of here ... I used to drive it all the time when my mom lived up there ...

r4kk4 said...

if you go, i'll *SO* go!

Lisa B. said...

What weekend is leff gonna go? Because it depends on whether I have a doggie thing that weekend or not.

Also because of huge dental bills I'll probably have to sleep on a blanket in Lafayette Park or something ... I should have kept in touch with all people from high school so I'd have a couch to crash on, huh?

r4kk4 said...

i'm not sure yet. it's going to be sometime around july or august, i think. we need time to save up for things since we don't like to use credit cards and we're { } this close to paying off the move.

there are "hot dates" at the helix where it costs less than it would on normals days. actually, a lot of the hotels downtown offer that.

alternatly, calvo and stined live there. maybe they have an extra room?

i dunno'. do you happen to know when your agility dates are for the summer yet? we could maybe play around that and the available dates at the helix.

and, no, keeping in touch with people from high school is *totally* not worth it just for a couch to sleep on. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Lisa B. said...

Summer is good ... I hvce a flyball tournament in Philly 3rd weekend of july but that's it between memorial and labor day (too hot for outdoor dog stuff!).

I want to be here for an Ozomatli show July somethingth ... 12th? 11th?

Otherwise summer be good ... that way I can save up, too!

r4kk4 said...

we'll shoot for august then.

nasty, humid august in washington d.c., former bogland.


but it could be fun!