Sunday, April 02, 2006

nintendo power!

ok, so at the risk of sounding like a total self promoting ass, the ds cake got mentioned in the april 2006 nintendo power "community" section! hooray!

(this would be one of those "press related items" that i wrote about earlier this year.)

and it's underneath the fantastic mario cookie! how cool!

(sorry for the bad scan. we have a bad scanner.)


hazel said...

Michael says- Well done rakka! You deserve it for that special cake.

emdot said...

embrace your inner self-promoter, rakka, if only so we can share in all the cool things you do!

i think "rad" is officially back. :)

Santos said...

you have a way of making self-promotion seem un-asslike. whoo! yay rakka!

now how was that cookie made without the dough spreading into ugly blobby dots? i wonder if it tasted awful. your cake looks tasty.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, everybody! :D! you guys are the greatest! (say "hi" to michael for me if you would be so kind, hazel! :D!) and thanks for making me feel that it was ok to post this. i seriously had doubts!

rad *is* back, m.! and no one is more surprised than me! haha!

i got lucky with my recipe, chotda! i halved this one and it was super awesome to work with!!

everyone said it tasted good. i was surprised that people were eating the gingerbread with the lemon cake/icing but they were.

and leff said that they both rocked together. i have to trust what he says cause he's really picky about sweets!

can i just say thanks to everybody again? THANKS!!! :D!

Lisa B. said...

w00t! ... whatever that means.

And why did I immediately think of you when I saw this?:

r4kk4 said...

aw, lisa! you just joined us gamers!

one of us! one of us! shout your barbaric w00t! HAHAHA!!

OMG! that peeps stir fry looks nasty! (i wish i'd thought of it! ;D!) thanks for that link!!