Tuesday, April 18, 2006

scientology and bad game puns

still recovering from a stupid spring cold. bleah. but i got my coffee cozy from aine yesterday!

awesome coffee holder from aine!

it's really cool since it not only fits coffee cups but also soda cans. and it protects beverages from black lagoony monsters too.

so, last night i had a dream that i rescued my brother from scientologists. i physically pulled him out of their enclave (which, btw, was located next to the art supply store on union ave in memphis, tn.) with the assistance of my cat fujiko

fuji pbbbbt

and a butterfinger candy bar.

i'm sure this has all sorts of weirdo freudian possibilities, but i'm not into freud preferring jung instead. so there.

er, for what it's worth, the scientologists had hypnotized my brother with a candy bar called "fwd". which, honestly, isn't that bad of a name for a candy bar.

but moving on from the dream, (i don't want tom cruise to utilize his master wizard powers + 3 to hunt me down for inaccurately dreaming about scientology.) perhaps you know of my insane baking hobby. you know, where i make video game cakes and such?

well, i was kidding around with leff on sunday telling him that i was going to open a video game bakery called "first person sugar" which would, of course, be geek pwned and operated.

i'd make various controllers out of cake, 8bit cookies out of nintendough (that i would sell unbaked in case anyone wanted to make their own cookies at home)and i could call myself master chief. only i'd spell it "chef" with an insert letter carrot


(no, not that kind of carrot, the editing kind.)

and the letter "i" where appropriate.

for chinese new year, i could make harvest mooncakes. and, after i'd made my name, i could expand to offer breakfast items like a deep fried katamari and maybe even sausage links.

yes, i'm nuts.

but anyway, i need to stop rambling. dishes have piled up since i've been ill. and i have to catch the bus to upper queen anne to get some more books. (i'm thinking about joining the book club at the library. i'll decide once i finish reading their selection for this month. anyone ever read the dew breaker?)


Villa said...

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r4kk4 said...

thanks, villa!

i'll check out your blog a.s.a.p!

Irregular Shed said...

You are insane and wonderful.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, shed!

you're a bit nuts and even more wonderful!