Tuesday, April 11, 2006

links and such

got a few things worth mentioning for you, my little bunbuns! (someone's been reading a bit too much of cute overload. sheesh!)

2006 seattle edible book festival photos are up! there's some really great stuff on that page! (and i'm not saying that because i participated.)

aine has her etsy shop open! in case you didn't know, aine's an awesome knitter/crocheter/all around crafter! snatch up some of her handiwork before it's all gone!

the woodland park zoo is pretty darn cool (and right on a bus stop). they have egyptian tortoises.

egyptian tortoise

the animals were the most active of any that i've ever seen at a zoo. i mean, normally the snakes just sleep on their hot rocks, right? not at the woodland park zoo! they slither and do other snakey things. which = cool, in case you're keeping score.

got a chairzilla print from pantufla and it rocks!


there are more for sale or trade available here should you want your own chairzilla.

and now i must mail leff's tax return and make vegetable stock and potato salad.




Aine said...

*hug* Thanks for the shout out! :D

Those tortoises are gorgeous-ous. (That's my attempt at a rhyme.)

Between the active critters and the kick-butt edible books, Seattle is looking like a cool place to be.

r4kk4 said...

you're totally welcome!

and *hug* right back at you! :D!

seattle rocks! you have a brother out here, don't you? if/when you visit again, we should get coffee. like, several places. hahah!! (i laugh not only because i know that's what we'd do but also because it's entirely feasible in this city. ;D)