Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

the herd multiplies, more wii things, a card with a chip approx where its shoulder would be

i get ocd about collecting things. melamine plates, pocky boxes, robots...

there's also the deer thing. two more sets arrived over the weekend.

(from jinny's treasures)

in non collection news but still firmly in the ocd category, i beat my old record at wii power bowling.

oh, i WILL get 890 if it kills someone. (that someone will probably be me.)

lastly, here is a video of my favorite card of the season. (thanks, p and a!)

yes, it's a video of a card but there's motion and sound and stuff. it makes sense, really.

and now i'm off to daiso which doesn't make much sense since 1) tomorrow is xmas 2) daiso is in a mall 3) malls and i don't mix during the best of times but esp not on xmas eve. still, i want some cheap japanese coolness and only daiso will do since i'm too lazy to bus it to kinokuniya and uwajimaya today.

Friday, December 21, 2007

fog and mario games

friday was quite foggy around these parts.

it's also become quite deserted since everyone's left the neighborhood for the hell of holiday travel. to them i wish a hardy "better you than me, suckers!" and go about my yearly enjoyment of the empty sidewalks and buses.

leff's been playing a lot of mario since we got the wii. earlier in the week, we purchased "super mario bros", "super mario bros 3" and the original 64 version of "paper mario" from the wii shopping channel. then "super paper mario" arrived from gamefly. and, just last night, we were notified that our copy of "mario galaxies" has shipped from amazon.

this means, of course, that there's been precious little time to do much more than game, read cheats and possibly eat some junk food from trader joe's. although we did manage to mail all the holiday cards out on time.

k, i need to make some vegan cupcakes for our mail guy, the ups guy, our hairdresser and the apt manager. see you on monday.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

up until now, fire! (now in the portable variety)

i'm going to lie to you. i'm going to tell you that i've completely recovered from my cold. it's going to come across as fake as a 2d monster in an alleyway

or some plastic ponies in some fake snow

but i'm going to do it anyway simply because i'm tired of it (the cold) lingering. so, hi! i'm all better! the cold is gone!


schmancy has a *really* nice exhibit at the moment. it's called "up until now" and includes such awesome work as soso's "inner demons",

norm chambers' "synth commandos",

joe vollan's "my seamonster",

some fantastic work by supajdelux

and jerimiah ketner's "everything"

to name but a few.

swing by the store and check it out. it's got something for everyone! even your cousin who used to wear y fronts on his head when he ate spaghetti so as not to get food in his hair.

true story. not my story, but it's still a true one.

have you always thought how nice it might be to have a portable fire but can't stand the thought of carrying matches or lighters? problem solved.

pop "fireplace lounge" in your conveyable dvd device and you're smokin'!

but only when you're outside and 25 feet away from a doorway if you happen to be in seattle.

leff's mom sent me some good luck yesterday!

she's so thoughtful!

still, it's that time again. you know, when i slap together an awkward ending and then don't write anything for a few days. yeah, that time.

besides, i need to try and beat my high score at wii bowling.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the lost wii-kend plus what i've been up to for the past week or so

hello there! yeah, i'm still sick (will this cold EVER go away!?!) but i had to write about this:

hell yeah! leff and i finally got a wii!!! due to this effing cold, i've been playing while sitting down so i have weirdly strained muscles this morning. (like, in my armpit. (i know!) but that's what happens when you bowl while seated.)

maybe it's because we're sick but leff and i are *totally* into the weather and news channels on the wii. (it's something to look at while feverish.)

so now for the catching up bit. i went to the moore theater 100 anniversary bash last week.

i only stayed long enough to grab a couple of starbucks samples because it was uncomfortably crowded. (plus the pacing of the act on stage was kinda' "lake wobegon days" and i was more, oh, i don't know, um... "fear and loathing" at that point. (minus the drugs.)(which, i know, defeats the purpose of that book, but there we are.))

also quite sedate was the arrival of our holiday cards. (fred flare, of course.)

surprisingly enough, i've actually mailed a few of them already instead of waiting for arbor day 2008.

more deer arrived from shop 66.

i now have a plastic herd that would rival a real one in yellowstone.

friday night was leff's office party. there were aerialists.

although they were not blurry in rl. the exceptionally bad quality of that photo was due to to following: the cold, several beers on an almost empty stomach, a few zinc chewables and ibuprofen. quite a combo.

the aranzi aronzo plush isn't for sale at schmancy, so i let these two adorable people take a photo of themselves with it.

so cute!

also at schmancy, the new "up until now" show. please drop by and check out all the awesome new artwork!

the only other thing to mention is our copious consumption of takeout lately.

you know how it goes when you can't shake a cold. who the hell wants to do dishes, let alone cook?

ok, back to bed for me. *cough hack etc*

Friday, December 14, 2007

still ill

i don't know what the hell kind of cold leff brought home. i just know that it's still not gone and that i don't have the energy to be writing much more here.

also, blogger is busted right now so there's no new photo.

leff, however, has some good news which is much more interesting to read than my bitching about being sick.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

how many effing colds can i have in one year?!?

yeah, i'm sick again. it's something that leff picked up and, unfortunately, decided to share.

i'm hoping that i'll feel better by friday. until then, here's a picture of brobee

and a link to the party in his tummy.

Monday, December 10, 2007

more toys and trish grantham

dearest readers, this morning i am as sleepy as a stack of domokuns.

but that's fine because i've had mucho fun this past weekend hanging out at schmancy. i got to see "sugar booger" go to a good home.

and that's always nice and not really something a lot of people can say, if you think about it.

i do have to tell you that i nearly died when i got my first glance of the new monsterism series. (series 4, for those of you keeping score.)

i want to own them all!

other good things: trish grantham has a show up at nancy and pants that is definitely worth checking out. here is but a small sample.

don't you just love the bird on the top left?

other fun things from this weekend: commuting via monorail. seriously, i cannot tell you how goofy this is. it is *really* hard to be grumpy about not having had coffee yet when you're zipping downtown in 1960's "future" technology.

also, the tourists are amusing.

one other shining beacon of ridiculous brightness? the guys at the engineering shop across the street got a wii this last week and it's been fun to watch them leap around playing "wii sports" when i have downtime.

right, i gots to take some zinc (to ward off leff's naaaasty cold) and head down to the monorail.

don't forget that tonight is the moore's 100 anniversary party. they're having cake in the shape of the moore! (i've been assured that it looks INCREDIBLE! i can't wait to see it!)

Friday, December 07, 2007

stuck in the woods

i've been reading tana french's in the woods sporadically since i picked it up from the library on wednesday and i have to tell you that i'm still stuck in the middle of it. (at least in my head.) almost uncomfortably so since i'm expecting something really dreadful to happen in the book anytime soon. (it's one of those stories that grabs you on the first page and never, ever lets go.)

that is why i don't have a lot to talk about. i mean, here's a picture of a hooptie style planter.

but, i mean, what does that really have to do with anything?

wed night, leff and i met up with t and c at zeek's.

and, uh, here's a green bulb.

but i need to take a smoke break.

which, in my world at least, translates to "start reading in the woods again while i have some free time". pbbt and all that.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i haven't been to singapore but there was a reindeer on my letter yesterday

i heart my mailman! he gets so excited about my overseas packages. like on monday? i opened my door and he asked excitedly "have you ever been to singapore?!?".

i hated to disappoint him by telling him that i hadn't but i was glad to hear his stories of how wonderful a place it is to visit.

secretly, i think he's still saddened by the fact that i'm not british.

anyway, the reason for all of this singapore talk is my little odd forest tree stump coasters! which came from, you guessed it, singapore!

they go so well with my deer glass! i could also pin this lovebird badge to one of them.

you know, if i wanted to.

so the holiday cards have started to roll in. yesterday i received one from "the bug" (we used to work as a camp counselors together so that's a pre-internet nickname.)

isn't she so cool? she sent me the deer stamp!

she also reminded me that i needed to buy holiday cards which leff and i did last night.

yes, all of you people on my list, i'm going to make sure to mail them this year. instead of like last year when i found them buried under collage materials in feburary.

do you have a holiday weapon of choice? i do. two, in fact. 1) gin and tonics and 2) peppermint shivs.

although i would recommend using them separately because gin and peppermint are pretty damn gross in combination.

Monday, December 03, 2007

things that have happened since nov 20th

you know, i go away for a few weeks and evel knievel dies.

that'll teach me to take a break. (in all seriousness though, i am kinda' upset about the death of evel.)

so let's see...previously, i was gearing up for the annual thanksgiving nachos. they were particularly delicious in a gross way this year since i opted for canned cheese instead of making my own sauce. i don't have photos of that, but here's the beer with which i toasted the ingenuity of planting corn with fish and the resulting maize which was a product of all the nitrogen from the decay.

i also went to the library. um, but not on thanksgiving day because it was closed.

what sweets have i consumed? why one red velvet cupcake.

and, even though the dunkin' donuts coffee that i purchased for a taste of the east coast isn't sweet

i poured some over some ice cream which was.

total crafty output: one "satan claus is coming to town".

etsy purchases? an antler necklace from luxe deluxe

and a squid for my tank from vital industries.

i've been spending quite a lot of time at schmancy. in fact, i was there when it snowed.

and, of course, there were craft fairs. oh, how there were craft fairs. leff and i made it to the first leg of i heart indie holidays

where i purchased a sam trout print.

and yesterday was urban craft uprising.

sadly, i have to admit to being quite underwhelmed this year. perhaps it was due to seeing almost all the vendors from indie holidays there. again. maybe it was the torrential downpour outside. or maybe it was the perfume booth which set off a migraine but, yeah, it wasn't my favorite ucu to date.

yoko nomura had some lovely felted animals though!

and i got a really great headband from crafty handmade.

let's see, what else, what else? um, leff and i finally got to try out crown black car company and they're just as awesome as everyone has been saying.

uuuhm...oh yeah! i also banged the fuck out of my left knee and elbow and was immobile for quite a while. (i am clumsy. so very, very clumsy) the bruising has almost stopped a week later, so hooray for that.

now, however, i'm going to watch the rain fall. by that i mean, of course, that i'm going to do laundry. i like my clothes to smell spring time fresh during power outages.