Wednesday, December 05, 2007

i haven't been to singapore but there was a reindeer on my letter yesterday

i heart my mailman! he gets so excited about my overseas packages. like on monday? i opened my door and he asked excitedly "have you ever been to singapore?!?".

i hated to disappoint him by telling him that i hadn't but i was glad to hear his stories of how wonderful a place it is to visit.

secretly, i think he's still saddened by the fact that i'm not british.

anyway, the reason for all of this singapore talk is my little odd forest tree stump coasters! which came from, you guessed it, singapore!

they go so well with my deer glass! i could also pin this lovebird badge to one of them.

you know, if i wanted to.

so the holiday cards have started to roll in. yesterday i received one from "the bug" (we used to work as a camp counselors together so that's a pre-internet nickname.)

isn't she so cool? she sent me the deer stamp!

she also reminded me that i needed to buy holiday cards which leff and i did last night.

yes, all of you people on my list, i'm going to make sure to mail them this year. instead of like last year when i found them buried under collage materials in feburary.

do you have a holiday weapon of choice? i do. two, in fact. 1) gin and tonics and 2) peppermint shivs.

although i would recommend using them separately because gin and peppermint are pretty damn gross in combination.

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