Friday, December 07, 2007

stuck in the woods

i've been reading tana french's in the woods sporadically since i picked it up from the library on wednesday and i have to tell you that i'm still stuck in the middle of it. (at least in my head.) almost uncomfortably so since i'm expecting something really dreadful to happen in the book anytime soon. (it's one of those stories that grabs you on the first page and never, ever lets go.)

that is why i don't have a lot to talk about. i mean, here's a picture of a hooptie style planter.

but, i mean, what does that really have to do with anything?

wed night, leff and i met up with t and c at zeek's.

and, uh, here's a green bulb.

but i need to take a smoke break.

which, in my world at least, translates to "start reading in the woods again while i have some free time". pbbt and all that.

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