Friday, December 21, 2007

fog and mario games

friday was quite foggy around these parts.

it's also become quite deserted since everyone's left the neighborhood for the hell of holiday travel. to them i wish a hardy "better you than me, suckers!" and go about my yearly enjoyment of the empty sidewalks and buses.

leff's been playing a lot of mario since we got the wii. earlier in the week, we purchased "super mario bros", "super mario bros 3" and the original 64 version of "paper mario" from the wii shopping channel. then "super paper mario" arrived from gamefly. and, just last night, we were notified that our copy of "mario galaxies" has shipped from amazon.

this means, of course, that there's been precious little time to do much more than game, read cheats and possibly eat some junk food from trader joe's. although we did manage to mail all the holiday cards out on time.

k, i need to make some vegan cupcakes for our mail guy, the ups guy, our hairdresser and the apt manager. see you on monday.


Anonymous said...

I coincidentally made those SAME cupcakes the week before xmas for the fam. Weren't they good? (Thanks for the card!) -ML

r4kk4 said...

i actually ended up making brownies for everyone! oops! haha!

i am gong to try that recipe though! (you're welcome for the card!)