Monday, December 24, 2007

the herd multiplies, more wii things, a card with a chip approx where its shoulder would be

i get ocd about collecting things. melamine plates, pocky boxes, robots...

there's also the deer thing. two more sets arrived over the weekend.

(from jinny's treasures)

in non collection news but still firmly in the ocd category, i beat my old record at wii power bowling.

oh, i WILL get 890 if it kills someone. (that someone will probably be me.)

lastly, here is a video of my favorite card of the season. (thanks, p and a!)

yes, it's a video of a card but there's motion and sound and stuff. it makes sense, really.

and now i'm off to daiso which doesn't make much sense since 1) tomorrow is xmas 2) daiso is in a mall 3) malls and i don't mix during the best of times but esp not on xmas eve. still, i want some cheap japanese coolness and only daiso will do since i'm too lazy to bus it to kinokuniya and uwajimaya today.

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