Monday, December 03, 2007

things that have happened since nov 20th

you know, i go away for a few weeks and evel knievel dies.

that'll teach me to take a break. (in all seriousness though, i am kinda' upset about the death of evel.)

so let's see...previously, i was gearing up for the annual thanksgiving nachos. they were particularly delicious in a gross way this year since i opted for canned cheese instead of making my own sauce. i don't have photos of that, but here's the beer with which i toasted the ingenuity of planting corn with fish and the resulting maize which was a product of all the nitrogen from the decay.

i also went to the library. um, but not on thanksgiving day because it was closed.

what sweets have i consumed? why one red velvet cupcake.

and, even though the dunkin' donuts coffee that i purchased for a taste of the east coast isn't sweet

i poured some over some ice cream which was.

total crafty output: one "satan claus is coming to town".

etsy purchases? an antler necklace from luxe deluxe

and a squid for my tank from vital industries.

i've been spending quite a lot of time at schmancy. in fact, i was there when it snowed.

and, of course, there were craft fairs. oh, how there were craft fairs. leff and i made it to the first leg of i heart indie holidays

where i purchased a sam trout print.

and yesterday was urban craft uprising.

sadly, i have to admit to being quite underwhelmed this year. perhaps it was due to seeing almost all the vendors from indie holidays there. again. maybe it was the torrential downpour outside. or maybe it was the perfume booth which set off a migraine but, yeah, it wasn't my favorite ucu to date.

yoko nomura had some lovely felted animals though!

and i got a really great headband from crafty handmade.

let's see, what else, what else? um, leff and i finally got to try out crown black car company and they're just as awesome as everyone has been saying.

uuuhm...oh yeah! i also banged the fuck out of my left knee and elbow and was immobile for quite a while. (i am clumsy. so very, very clumsy) the bruising has almost stopped a week later, so hooray for that.

now, however, i'm going to watch the rain fall. by that i mean, of course, that i'm going to do laundry. i like my clothes to smell spring time fresh during power outages.


Vital said...

ummm... cupcakes.

and your toilet graphic looks great! cheers!

Valency said...

You are incredibly RAD. That necklace rocks, and TOILET GRAPHICS are the new coolness! I want and I want.

Thanks for keeping us informed. Please keep doing so!

r4kk4 said...

why thank you, vital! you're so awesome for making them! :D!

and *blushing*! thanks, valency! i have to admit to an etsy addiction so i'll be posting more photos later on this week, i'm sure. haha!