Tuesday, August 30, 2016

we have been doing too much again

unlike those who view the cta as "an experience" (guffaw), i consider it a lifeline.

albeit a lifeline that goes express (with an immediate follow) with some regularity. XD

this week, the cta got us to the chicago turkish festival

where i got turkish coffee

and ice cream.

we didn't take the train to millennium park because...you can't lol

but hoofing it is never a big deal. esp since you can pass by a lot of the iconic stuff

on the way back to the art institute. (our memberships have already paid for themselves. haha)

cool looks, baby jesus. cool looks.

fun fact! "nun" autocorrects to "duncan donuts" on my phone.

leff and i swung by revival

for furious spoon. DELICIOUS! let me show you my shoyu ramen.

back in the neighborhood, saw another bunny! *heart eyes*

the wildlife at home was just as tame as fuji is insistent on helping me with laundry these days.

and clouseau is a sleepcore associate.

at little corner this week, i got the lemon meringue pie!

and at cpl, i picked up not only a copy of "kwaidan" but also a freebie salome and head of john the baptist postcard.

saturday saw us back in andersonville.

i thought about buying this hat but it is long past derby day/i got nowhere to wear it.

pidgey's lost. is that why i saw so many of them in my apartment last month?

anyway, andersonville is the tits.

and i'm not just sayin that cause we got giordano's. christ, how i love giordano's. (that is a SMALL XD XD)

til next week!

Monday, August 22, 2016

is it already monday again?

i'm still having to wrap my bruised heel and leff went to cali for work, so most of last week, i stayed fairly close to the apartment. fuji had no problems with this.

part of our last furniture order arrived. i looooooooooove this shelf!!

also love scarlett's last fall at lickety split.

sunday, we made a quick trip downtown for portillo's. i got a large chocolate cake shake

and a chicago dog, natch.

leff got pics of what a tourist hell the downtown location is. i would still say it's worth it buuuut if you're visiting chicago, i'm going to make that joke and tell you to go to the rock and roll mcdonald's and/or the rainforest cafe instead.  XD XD XD

okok so after late breakfast/early lunch (fuck brunch.) we went down to the riverwalk.

soon we'll get to the 606 but, for now, the riverwalk is what i want. i mean, there's another hebru not far from it.

leff and i also dropped by the harold washington library/main branch.  this...is not the library but the way to the back entrance.

guyyyyysssssss, this is what i always felt a city library should be like.  there is so much art (that is really pretty good!) that they have art tours of the place. (aaaaaaaaaand i'm noticing from reading that page that i missed a jacob lawrence mosaic cause we didn't use the front entrance. RARGH! k, we'll go back.)

anyway, here's more info on the dog tags. i really do like this piece.

other interesting pieces...that you can put together, ha (great segue woo!)

we were mainly there to check out the winter garden.

i am...kinda' loathe to tell you how to get up there because it, like the "secret" stained glass dome at the cultural center, is really quiet and crazy peaceful. but if you ask nicely, i'll tell you how to find the escalator.


if you buy me a hot dog from portillo's so i don't have to deal with all the tourists again.