Monday, August 01, 2016

what a varied week

i suppose that any week that starts with the WHOLE SERIES OF MURDER SHE WROTE arriving in the mail is going to be a good one. 

tbh, i thought this was going to be seven more days of house stuff. i mean, i got my curtains! that was a huge deal!

but then! BUT THEN i saw that the crosstown classic was happening. aaaaaand i mentioned it to leff. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand HE GOT US TICKETS TO SEE ARIETTA PITCHING just BOOM at us cellular! I HAD NEVER BEEN TO THE SOUTH SIDE STADIUM!!!

this is not arietta. this is a cool sign near the atms on the way to 35th/sox.

and this is the view from us cellular which i kept calling comiskey. lol.

our city is gorgeous. i love that skyline. i *also* love polish LIKE THIS ONE

they had an onion gun machine at the condiments section and i may have thought it was so fun to use that i doubled up on diced onions. haahahahahhaha

anyway, it was a GORGEOUS night for a game and, even though arietta was crazy off his game (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh) and the cubs LOST, i had a GREAT time shooting the shit with the sox fans next to me.

and us cellular, guys. it is SO MUCH FUN there. you have GOT to go. the guy next to me told me that it's super easy to get tickets during the week (weekends get crowded) so, just...GO!! gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! i bleed cubbie blue but i would go to another sox game at the drop of a hat!

anyway, i thought that was going to be the big adventure for the week. that i was gonna go relax at the beach,

find a troll loooooooool

and just generally chill.

BUT NO!! XD XD leff took thurday off so we could go downtown!!!! we went back to do-rite!! (which we hadn't been to in YEARS (you know, before we moved here. heh)

and, get this, WE GOT OUR MEMBERSHIP TO THE ART INSTITUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so now i don't have to rush through and feel like i'm missing things!!

trust me, it is a huge HUGE museum. (it is also the first large collection that i ever went to so it's a special place for me.) here's what we saw ON THE FIRST DAY OF LOLLA LOLOL (i would not recommend being near grant park on lolla weekend unless you're going to the festival.)

anyway, hover for names of artists. i'm kinda too tired to type.


this was basically me when i found out that her first home was in edgewater.

hallowed ground, peeps. hallowed damn ground. i can't wait to look for obama sites!!!

anyway, we went back to the beach and i drew a pokemon lure in the sand

while leff tested out his new camera that he picked up at central camera.

and i thought "well. that was certainly an exciting week!" but then yesterday, leff is all THERE IS A WHITE CASTLE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE and i had never BEEN to white castle but had always wanted to go to one SO HEY!! we walked past young lincoln,

had lunch and then continued on to rosehill cemetary!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!

longtime followers know about me and freakin' cemetaries. yeah, well, rosehill is so peaceful! i see it from the l and had been wanting to explore.  it has some really interesting monuments.

AND DEER!!  real


christ, that fake deer freaked me out. leff and i have been reading horror stories since it's summer and the perfect time for it so HAAAAAAA THIS THING just looming. damn, son. daaaaamn. XD XD

we were trying to pay our respects to bobby franks but didn't manage to find his mausoleum. i'll try again and also see if there are more statues under glass.

is this a chicago specific thing? idk. i've never seen it anywhere else. i wonder.

after a short stop at our new favorite pub we finally finished with all the excitement of the week. i mean, unless you count seeing this duck

and also this cow and calf which happens to double as a pokestop. lololololol

 urbs in horto until next week! XD

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