Sunday, August 14, 2016

finally a dull week for healing XD

did i mention the bruise on the bottom of my heel? eh, nbd if i didn't. it just means that i have to stay off my feet as much as possible until it heals. that is how this week ended up being somewhat restful.

it was a library week.

a stay in the neighborhood week.

a illuminate your room with only rabbit lamps

and then stand in the lake at night and watch the jets approach o'hare week.

and then i did laundry.

the big excursion was to golden house pancakes. it's so good, i'm putting it on my places to take people when they visit list. this probably won't be there though.

but this buddha head pokestop will be.

so will this.

golden house is perfect. i might make this my regular sunday place for milky coffee

and pancake breakfast.

brunch is not for me.

the light here is though.

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