Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night Time is the Right Time

Now for the grand finale....*drumroll*'s the house at night!

Even the moon cooperated.

Daytime Decorations

As promised, here's a picture of the decorations in place.

The lanterns hanging out on the porch:

Here's Leff's picture of what it looks like inside right now. It's kind of cool. I want to live like this all year!

(Leff also has more photos of the decorations here.)

I'll post again tonight! That should be around 4:30 pdt.

Friday, October 30, 2009

pan de muerto revisited

what's a girl to do when it's spooky outside and chilly inside (because the heat has decided to not work and we can't get the fireplace inspected until nov 5th)? why, revisit an old baked favorite, pan de muerto!

i used the same recipe as last time but i think that this year's batch yielded better results. probably because i kept it simple in a larger format.

here's the "archeological dig" version. i was shooting for an ice mummy aesthetic. i think i came kinda' close.

here's the more modern take.

i can't wait to eat this bread. in fact, i think i'll settle down with a slice and watch the leaves that i'm not raking continue to fall on the front lawn. what? it's freakin' windy outside! textbook sisyphean task! (well, ok, no. not textbook since i'm not rolling a rock up a hill but you get what i mean.)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


it's a bonus lantern.

you know the drill, full set here, installed pics coming up on the 31st.

see you on halloween!

almost halloween plus catching up, again

how does that old saying go? "red skies at night, sailor's delight"? isn't it apropos for me to type now that i live in a navy town and see sunsets like this?

yeah, i thought so.

unrelated to sunsets (as he is still a spry young chicken) leff turned 35 earlier this month. we had a party (some of the people in attendance can be seen at mustache guestbook) with a nacho buffet

and a dark chocolate and raspberry cake.

before the party we hit up 7-11 for the domokun promotional stuff, you know, like we do.

but the 7-11 here sucks. they were out of domo coffee cups. sigh...

you know what doesn't suck though? the squirmy family!

yep, those are the worms that eat our garbage. they really like fruit and coffee grounds.

anyway, let's move on to halloween. this year i decided to not carve pumpkins. (and by "decided not to carve" i mean "safeway doesn't deliver pumpkins for me to cut into")

so, no pumpkins? no problem. i have a surplus of recycled glass and recycled construction paper. hence these lanterns.

you can see all of them individually in the set. (oh, thanks for the link, megan!)

also in the set are four of these gigantic stencils. here's an example:

the phone is for scale, naturally. it's not like the evil dead skull was on speaker phone or anything.

i'll post a photo of them all properly installed on the 31st.

wanna' see how bremerton gets spooky?

it also sports mitchelless web looks

and has mobile pumpkins.

well, except through safeway delivery...*grumble*.

at samudra, there are fantastic dia de los muertos decorations

as well as pumpkin lattes

and pumpkin spice cookies.

they also have bubble up. like, bubble, bubble, toil and trouble? ok, no, that's probably stretching the analogy to the breaking point. still, it comes in nice green bottles which i enjoy.

speaking of bottles, here's a bottle of raspberry vinegar that i started a few days ago.

it's now a very nice red and tastes very fruity.

and with that, i'll leave you with the customary cat photos. two for the road this time, audrey fans!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

posting soon

yep, it's been crazy busy. promise i'll write something with a bit more to read soon.

in the mean time, here's one of the decorations that i made for the first halloween in our house.

it's a recycled glass jar, recycled construction paper and two tea lights. more are in the set here which is updated in semi real time.

if you don't know about werewolf bar mitzvah, you should click this link. thank me later.

Monday, October 05, 2009

gallery lele show!

i know, i know, i'm terrible about keeping you up to date on things these days. here is something though! i got a picture from the gallery lele show in tokyo where, apparently, i sold something! hooray!

here's the second leg of the "forget me-not" show in case you're interested!

it's nice to make some yen! (even though it'll be converted to usd in my bank account.)