Friday, October 30, 2009

pan de muerto revisited

what's a girl to do when it's spooky outside and chilly inside (because the heat has decided to not work and we can't get the fireplace inspected until nov 5th)? why, revisit an old baked favorite, pan de muerto!

i used the same recipe as last time but i think that this year's batch yielded better results. probably because i kept it simple in a larger format.

here's the "archeological dig" version. i was shooting for an ice mummy aesthetic. i think i came kinda' close.

here's the more modern take.

i can't wait to eat this bread. in fact, i think i'll settle down with a slice and watch the leaves that i'm not raking continue to fall on the front lawn. what? it's freakin' windy outside! textbook sisyphean task! (well, ok, no. not textbook since i'm not rolling a rock up a hill but you get what i mean.)

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