Monday, February 22, 2010

oh, christ! it was really monday, huh?

major construction involving 1) the removal of blacktop/unearthing and replacing a sewer line/regrading driveway with gravel so that it can eventually be covered by pavers 2) the felling of an 80 year old rotting elm tree/removal of the huge, huge chunks of wood from the front yard just finished today. you can perhaps understand why i haven't gotten around to posting until now.

not much has been going on other than home improvement hell. we *did* get our fantastic joe vollan painting from schmancy though.

god, that thing is beautiful. and it's the first painting that leff and i have bought. i mean, we have paintings of mine and some that i've traded for (that i love dearly) but buying a painting. that's, like, commitment.

in my world, it's more of a commitment than a kid. but that's probably 'cause i hate children in theory. (suck it, mommy bloggers.)

what else...uh, it's spring and shit.

hopefully, that will help the goddamned yard grow back a little faster.

here's the part where i pimp out stupid fucking awesome. this's a photo showing the girlie painting in situ behind the vinyl figure it represents. how fucking meta.

'k, it's time for me to crash and/or do tequila shots. catch you here next week or if, for some godforsaken reason you can't get enough of me, do the daily at sfa. ttfn, etc.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a bit of press, etc

i'm slow in posting this but last week (??) kristen rask's new book button and stitch got a nice mention on craft blog.

this is the project that i made for the book. hooray!

moving on, hello to any rearranged design readers! thanks for following the linkage!

i've decided that i'm not going to talk about the construction project after this paragraph. i'm alternately furious and hopeful about it (although to be honest, i spend more time in fury territory). it won't be finished until next week (???) because it's been too soggy to finish the driveway. (god, i hate wa state sometimes.)

grrr, etc.

as for now, i've got some painting to do, a proposal to crank out, some dvds to rip and some "golden girls" to watch. see you next week?

Monday, February 15, 2010

check back next monday for a post

i might not be as freaked out/pissed off/generally kerfucked by the gigantic ongoing construction project at casa rakkaleff by then.

or maybe not.

Monday, February 08, 2010

it's spring?

understatement time: the weather has been odd. in the pnw, we're in the middle of an early spring. i am not complaining. i enjoy seeing bulbs at the beginning of feb.

it does mean, however, that leff and i should probably get a move on and plant our copious amount of seeds already. (that photo doesn't include the six varieties of peppers that i harvested last fall or the packets of leek and broccoli seeds that we picked up at the semi co-op on saturday. what? our secondary reason for moving to bremerton was so we could harvest our own veggies.)

since i'm coming out of my winter coma, i find myself wanting to explore more. that's how leff and i finally ended up at the pyrex museum.

it's small but mighty. jesus christ, but how i flipped out! it's now on the list of places to take visitors (regardless of their views on pyrex.).

here's the part where i mention that i love the downtown library.

and reiterate that i have spring fever.

here's a question for you. leff found a cute little pocket park with lots of moss and coromants.

this park also has a bunch of wild blackberry vines. my question is this: would you, if given the opportunity, glean berries from a city park? (i'm gonna' have to research whether or not the city uses chemicals on park properties. otherwise, i might be at the park this summer with some tupperware. i have a weakness for fresh blackberries, you see.)

in sad news, some friends of ours are heading back to boston this week. (well, *we're* sad. it's actually a good move for them and i'm glad that they're doing what they need to do.) still, they'll be missed. that certain someone should start the blog he's been threatening to start. my feedreader is waiting...

lastly, shed has informed me that "yo gabba gabba" is redubbed with british accents in the u.k.

(brobee drawing from stupid fucking awesome which i update daily, you know.)

i'm having a hard time imagining dj lance as british so i'd really like to see those episodes.

as for now, however, i'm going to get back to the depression era cookbook i'm reading. later, noodle hotdishes!

Monday, February 01, 2010

the year so far (in numbered lists)

2010 to date has been a bit slow. considering that it has mostly been made up of 1) dreading having my wisdom teeth extracted 2) having the operation 3) recovering from the extraction 4) catching up from the week off, that's understandable.

now that everything is up to date and i'm no longer in a medicated fog (although the world seems to be)

it's about time to start kicking 2010's ass.

good things to date:

1) the new 365 blog. go on! click through! i've just started the second month!

2) my hair has almost recovered from the disastrous cut from this fall. i'm now at pigtail length so i look all riot grrrl.

3) i found a place that serves good chicago dogs complete with atomic relish!

4) lots of beatrix potter. (which came about when i mentioned to leff while under the influence of percocet that i wanted to watch movies with "...mice that wear clothes and have kitchens". (yeah, i get specific and very strange when i'm high. you're surprised?))

5) the lightbox set up:

i only *look* like i know how to take pictures. trust.

6) early spring. for me that means ordering a shit ton of seeds for the veg garden (+ some heirloom ornamentals). also, rearranging the house. peel has found a new window because of that.

7) finding where i hid solitaire on my computer.

i think i might try to make weekly posts on gpiss for a while. mondays? fridays? don't hold me to that.

i do know what i *don't* want in 2010 though:

1) the word douchebag (or any derivative. so overused. i suggest "fhole". maybe dickfingers?)

2) fucking bacon memes

3) ok, basically any food meme that makes some dickfinger (heh) roll his/her eyes back in their head and puke out all snotty like "oh, ____! i LUUUUUUUV ____!". 'cause, really, fuck you.

4) slacktivism

5) your mom

see you next week? maybe?