Monday, February 01, 2010

the year so far (in numbered lists)

2010 to date has been a bit slow. considering that it has mostly been made up of 1) dreading having my wisdom teeth extracted 2) having the operation 3) recovering from the extraction 4) catching up from the week off, that's understandable.

now that everything is up to date and i'm no longer in a medicated fog (although the world seems to be)

it's about time to start kicking 2010's ass.

good things to date:

1) the new 365 blog. go on! click through! i've just started the second month!

2) my hair has almost recovered from the disastrous cut from this fall. i'm now at pigtail length so i look all riot grrrl.

3) i found a place that serves good chicago dogs complete with atomic relish!

4) lots of beatrix potter. (which came about when i mentioned to leff while under the influence of percocet that i wanted to watch movies with "...mice that wear clothes and have kitchens". (yeah, i get specific and very strange when i'm high. you're surprised?))

5) the lightbox set up:

i only *look* like i know how to take pictures. trust.

6) early spring. for me that means ordering a shit ton of seeds for the veg garden (+ some heirloom ornamentals). also, rearranging the house. peel has found a new window because of that.

7) finding where i hid solitaire on my computer.

i think i might try to make weekly posts on gpiss for a while. mondays? fridays? don't hold me to that.

i do know what i *don't* want in 2010 though:

1) the word douchebag (or any derivative. so overused. i suggest "fhole". maybe dickfingers?)

2) fucking bacon memes

3) ok, basically any food meme that makes some dickfinger (heh) roll his/her eyes back in their head and puke out all snotty like "oh, ____! i LUUUUUUUV ____!". 'cause, really, fuck you.

4) slacktivism

5) your mom

see you next week? maybe?

7 comments: said...

more beatrix potter can only be a good thing!

Plunder Corp. said...

Rakka, it's "Less than Zen" here. Sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth extraction. I went to a dentist about a molar problem & he said "we'll try to save it", when I woke up he had pulled 3 of the 4 molars. He said the roots were knotted up and were uncleanable. I said WTF, and he told me I said it was OK (while under heavy sedation).
Here's a link to my latest project, "Bombardment", if you're interested:

r4kk4 said...


thanks for your kind regards! i'm *really* sorry to hear what happened with your teeth though! how awful!!

all of mine had to go because i have didn't have enough room. i think i've had 11 (??) teeth pulled and i've only now got enough space in my mouth for the remaining teeth. bad genetics, i'm tellin' ya!

oh COURSE i'm interested in your new project! thanks for the link!!

ohhellocupcake said...

loooooove retro dogz. can't wait till they start serving breakfast. yum.

ce's geekbook said...

wisdom teeth extraction and chicago dogs all in one post WOW. did not think it could be done..

More power to you on the 365.. I am not sure I have the stamina for something like that ... maybe a 52... once a week?? Yikes not sure I could do that either.

Good luck.

r4kk4 said...

i can't wait for breakfast either, cupcake!

geekbook, if thee's a non sequitur to be made, i'll be the one to make it. (esp if it involves food and pain med.)

365 is easy once you get in the swing of it. i've already completed one.

r4kk4 said...

if *THERE'S* an non sequitur. sigh...