Monday, February 22, 2010

oh, christ! it was really monday, huh?

major construction involving 1) the removal of blacktop/unearthing and replacing a sewer line/regrading driveway with gravel so that it can eventually be covered by pavers 2) the felling of an 80 year old rotting elm tree/removal of the huge, huge chunks of wood from the front yard just finished today. you can perhaps understand why i haven't gotten around to posting until now.

not much has been going on other than home improvement hell. we *did* get our fantastic joe vollan painting from schmancy though.

god, that thing is beautiful. and it's the first painting that leff and i have bought. i mean, we have paintings of mine and some that i've traded for (that i love dearly) but buying a painting. that's, like, commitment.

in my world, it's more of a commitment than a kid. but that's probably 'cause i hate children in theory. (suck it, mommy bloggers.)

what else...uh, it's spring and shit.

hopefully, that will help the goddamned yard grow back a little faster.

here's the part where i pimp out stupid fucking awesome. this's a photo showing the girlie painting in situ behind the vinyl figure it represents. how fucking meta.

'k, it's time for me to crash and/or do tequila shots. catch you here next week or if, for some godforsaken reason you can't get enough of me, do the daily at sfa. ttfn, etc.

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Knittin 'n Stitchin said...

Oh yay! someone else who is children challenged...had one, been there, done that, not dealing with others' children! That being said, I'm so scared of dealing with home improvement hell that I'm putting off massive home maintenance projects...eeks, I'd rather read about yours.