Thursday, February 18, 2010

a bit of press, etc

i'm slow in posting this but last week (??) kristen rask's new book button and stitch got a nice mention on craft blog.

this is the project that i made for the book. hooray!

moving on, hello to any rearranged design readers! thanks for following the linkage!

i've decided that i'm not going to talk about the construction project after this paragraph. i'm alternately furious and hopeful about it (although to be honest, i spend more time in fury territory). it won't be finished until next week (???) because it's been too soggy to finish the driveway. (god, i hate wa state sometimes.)

grrr, etc.

as for now, i've got some painting to do, a proposal to crank out, some dvds to rip and some "golden girls" to watch. see you next week?

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