Friday, August 29, 2008

back on wed!

have a great labor day if you live in the states! if not, have a great weekend! i'll be back after the long holiday is over!

i heart barack!, more of flatstock 18, i went to the eye doc

i'm still getting chills from barack's speech last night, sweetpeas!

("pop barack" (barack obama made from 4 packs of pop rocks for suspect and fugitive)

but i'm kinda' glad that the dnc is over. i was, frankly, growing weary of all of the crying that i've been doing during the speeches. (i feel i should add, crying's not my thing. like, ever. if i ever ran for office, my slogan would be "stoicism for the masses!" har har (i'm lying. i'd somehow find a way to recycle "a chicken in every pot" because, honestly, that rocks even if it did come from a republican.))

where was i? oh yeah! we got another print! "it sleeps" by design medicine!

it's the first of two cepholapod prints that we got. hooray!

what else is new? i went to the optometrist and found out that i'm a genetic freak of nature!

apparently, i have some really rare thing where i'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. (not kidding. my glasses will have one +1 lens and one -1 lens.)

i'm *really* excited about this not because i'm thrilled to be some genetic mutant (my paternal grandmother had this or something very similar (according to padre) BUT because my lack of depth perception explains WHY I KEEP RUNNING INTO THINGS! so, it's not that i'm clumsy or unused to being tall (my standard lame joke for when i slam into doors, walls and bookshelves) but simply because i can't see.

how insane is that?!?

the new glasses might also help get rid of the remaining clustery, migrainish headaches. and it might even make me look like tina fey. (no, that won't happen but one can hope!)

another bonus? i've started calling my right eye my "haunted eye" and telling leff that i'm going to get it an exorcism if it's covered under our medical plan. also? i can give him the evil eye just by closing my left eye and proclaiming "EVIL EYE!!! HAUNTED!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!"

heh heh.

right, have a great labor day weekend if you're in the states! if not, enjoy the regular weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dnc FEVER!, flatstock 18 without the pain in the ass of bumbershoot and a podcast

kittens, i'm sick. i've had the tv on c-span every day that the dnc has been going on. yep, i've got the fever for the flavor of the convention!

and i'm not going to lie to you. i was a wreck during michelle's speech. seriously bawling my eyes out.

i feel like i should mention that i'm not normally the type of woman who cries easily. it's, like, a yearly thing (although there's no set date). but there i was sobbing in between bites of a theo chocolate bar and wondering what that weird feeling that vaguely resembled hope or possibly indigestion might be.

thankfully, it was hopefulness. we were out of tums.

also, i must add, way to freakin' KILL your speech, hillary!! yeah! and also THANK YOU for kicking the fucking republican planted puma's asses! (i have regained all of the respect that i had for her TENFOLD for calling out those narcissistic bitches.)

anyway, leff and i figured out a way to enjoy flatstock 18 without the pain of dealing with the super overcrowded, panic attack inducing beast that is bumbershoot. we decided to order prints directly from the artists! the first screenprints to arrive were from mike klay of powerslide design!

mike also happens to be a queen anne resident. so, you know, QA REPRESENT!!!

before we get to the podcast, i just wanted you to see how much peel loves the new couch.

she's all "dat's right, bish! iz miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"

okok, so the podcast for the "bring and brag" lab is up at velocity's site!

simply click here, choose the "bring and brag" option and listen to me try to remember exactly what i wanted to say about suspect and fugitive.

Monday, August 25, 2008


in case you didn't know, cakespy jessie and cuppie both have bdays in august. so, of course, they both had a big bday bash at royale to celebrate!

i made jessie a small plush cuppie. try not to be too hard on the little guy, i kinda' can't sew...

here are some pics from the event!

royale debuted a new flavor in jessie's honor--the royale with cheese! here it is posing with two skagit valley strawberry baby cakes.

the post would not be complete without the bday girl posing as mia wallace with a royale with cheese! HAPPY BDAY, JESSIE!

the rest of the weekend, weeell, i'll let you see how exciting it was. i put together puzzles! (*so* exciting) one of the deer had an unintentionally funny puzzle edge.

i topcoated them so i could hang them up in the bathroom.

we're going for the "i'm an old lady" mixed with "kitsch lodge" aesthetic in that room.

in keeping with old lady style, here are my cats.

now i gotta' go. the dnc is on in less than two hours and i have work to do before i watch boring speeches. ta!

Friday, August 22, 2008

taking a deep breath

many thanks to those of you who turned up for the velocity lab on such a cruddy night!

and thanks for the warm reception of suspect and fugitive! you guys rocked! (special thanks to striatic for dropping by! i hope your wife is feeling better!)

i'm not actually taking a deep breath. it's still too busy for that! in fact, it's been so busy that i still don't know what the hell is going on in "murder ahoy!" and i've tried to watch it three times!

in other news, i FINALLY fucking got access to my old rakka account on flickr again after almost a whole goddmaned month. whatever. at least i can use it again.

oh! also! "the cho show"! awesome or awesomest? I LOVE YOU MARGARET CHO!!!

k, work needs to be done. see you on monday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

lab tonight plus a coffee tasting at trabant!

just a quick reminder that i'll be talking about suspect and fugitve tonight at the "bring and brag" lab at velocity!

i'm also having a contest on the other site where you can enter to win two sets of s&f cards! details here.

so far this week, things have been hectic. which is good! really good!

i took time out on monday to meet leff at trabant for a coffee tasting. he wrote about it in detail at his food blog. you might want to follow that link if you're interested in what it was like 'cause i don't have time to elaborate. sorry.

hope to see you tonight at the lab!

Monday, August 18, 2008

luxurious nuts and other assorted things

q: what's better than luxurious nuts,

bringin sexy back

and rubber band balls that are larger than the space needle?

a: fujiko!!

ok, i was biased with that answer. she is an amazing little cat.

speaking of amazing, that's an adjective that could also be applied to the past weekend! in addition to getting my hair dyed black with blue and purple streaks

(it's hard to see indoors. sorry 'bout that.)

i also had some *fabulous* hazelnut pear french toast off the oregon breakfast menu at the 5 spot!

man, i'm drooling just looking at it!

accompanying the amazingness of the weekend was a heaping helping of oddity. while i don't have pictures, leff and i witnessed all of the following while we were out walking: an adorable leash trained orange tabby named rockstar bob, two people fencing in some shrubs and a cheesy photoshoot involving a girl (who had one cheddar filled pose) at kerry park.

the clouds were also nice.

Friday, August 15, 2008

the lab and pictures of screens

hey there, pup tents! first a bit of self promotion. i'll be giving a short talk about suspect and fugitive at the next velocity lab on wed 8/20/08.

more info is here but you should know right now that cakespy jessie will also be one of the people talking that night! i mean, hello, awesomeness!

anyway, drop by! say hello! enter to win some suspect and fugitive cards!

have i ever mentioned how much i love the "freeze" button on our new remote? it makes synchronized diving even that much more enjoyable! (it also makes me think of a wham video for some reason. maybe it's all that jumping?)

i can't tell you how much those four photos made me giggle. it was a new hobby (photographing frozen images of divers jumping) that lasted about ten minutes.

in game news at casarakkaleff, we downloaded the new homestar game from wii ware.

so far it's made me fall asleep. but, in its defense, i was really tired. perhaps it will be better now that i've gotten some rest.

i'm also playing cake mania!

so far it's not as manic as the title suggests but i could see it becoming quite frantic.

what's on tap for this weekend? probably tracking down the gossip girl books. (oh hush! it's hot outside. i can afford to turn off my brain for a while.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

more tales from the land of blah

monday and tuesday were filled with busy work. although i did find time to make this silly anime thing.

you can also waste time making one here. i know you're dying to.

here's one i made of leff. thrilling!

so lesse...i had to have done *something* worth writing about in the past two days, right? right?!?

ok, maybe not. i have read quite a few books though, for what it's worth.

let's hope that by friday i'll actually have photos to post. otherwise, i think i'll take a short sabbatical again.

Monday, August 11, 2008

my paper crane and one lazy weekend

first i have a question. badminton is a freakin' olympic sport? when the hell did that happen?!

but back to nonsporting items. friday was fantastic! heidi of my paper crane was in town for her show "if you lived here you would be home now" at schmancy!

heidi is incredible. i can't stress that enough! i've been a fan of hers for a loooong time so i knew that she was awesome. but meeting her in person just brought the awesomeness home, tender vittles! heidi rocks!

so does jessie who is also in that photo. that is, in fact, a photo of two awesome ladies!

since i seem to be at a loss for coherent words, why don't you enjoy photos from the show?

the rest of my weekend has been snoozy

which might explain why i have no vocab skills today. i think i need another nap.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

a reminder to all you crafty people

applications are currently being accepted for urban craft uprising! if you'd like to be a part of seattle's most aweseome craft fair, don't delay! send in your application today!

Friday, August 08, 2008

we got our new couch!

"how was the craft fair thing?" i can hear some of you asking. to which i will answer "uh...." and invoke the rule of "never talk smack about someone when it could possibly come back and bite you on the arse" and leave it at that.

look! balloons!

and a new couch!!

jesus christ but i LOVE the new couch!! it's so comfy and green and, dare i say, grown up looking.

i'm sure that the vinyl toys above it in that photo negate any grown upedness that the couch might bring to the party but, you know, whatevs. (hee hee)

tonight is the opening for heidi kenney of my paper crane's show at schmancy! don't get thee to a nunnery, get thee to 2nd ave from 6-9p (pdt)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

suspect and fugitive cards!

i've now got suspect and fugitive cards for sale at my esty shop!

seattle. again.

i'm out of commission because of the back again, chitterlings. so this is gonna' be two photos and a smattering of words.

s is still in town and on sunday we did a lot of the downtown seattle things including (but not limited to) top pot

and the library.

yesterday i did nothing. although leff and s went to ballard and had a good time. perhaps you'll read about that on leff's blog.