Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dnc FEVER!, flatstock 18 without the pain in the ass of bumbershoot and a podcast

kittens, i'm sick. i've had the tv on c-span every day that the dnc has been going on. yep, i've got the fever for the flavor of the convention!

and i'm not going to lie to you. i was a wreck during michelle's speech. seriously bawling my eyes out.

i feel like i should mention that i'm not normally the type of woman who cries easily. it's, like, a yearly thing (although there's no set date). but there i was sobbing in between bites of a theo chocolate bar and wondering what that weird feeling that vaguely resembled hope or possibly indigestion might be.

thankfully, it was hopefulness. we were out of tums.

also, i must add, way to freakin' KILL your speech, hillary!! yeah! and also THANK YOU for kicking the fucking republican planted puma's asses! (i have regained all of the respect that i had for her TENFOLD for calling out those narcissistic bitches.)

anyway, leff and i figured out a way to enjoy flatstock 18 without the pain of dealing with the super overcrowded, panic attack inducing beast that is bumbershoot. we decided to order prints directly from the artists! the first screenprints to arrive were from mike klay of powerslide design!

mike also happens to be a queen anne resident. so, you know, QA REPRESENT!!!

before we get to the podcast, i just wanted you to see how much peel loves the new couch.

she's all "dat's right, bish! iz miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!"

okok, so the podcast for the "bring and brag" lab is up at velocity's site!

simply click here, choose the "bring and brag" option and listen to me try to remember exactly what i wanted to say about suspect and fugitive.

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