Friday, August 01, 2008

short and to the point

i promise, kittens. one day soon, i'll write a proper post. but, as you know, the back thing, while almost better, has made me fall behind on a lot.

let's cut to the big stuff that's happened in the past two days.

the new tv!

yes, it's big. i like it very much although i'm not used to viewing reruns of 70's cop shows in a vertical format yet. i'm sure i'll adapt.

also, new curtain in the kitchen!

huzzah! cherry blossoms!

not much else has been going on. (nothing much can when you're confined to a couch.)

but s gets in from philly on saturday night and then we're off to portland and, hopefully, vancouver. pinky swear to take the time to write about it when i get back.

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