Monday, August 25, 2008


in case you didn't know, cakespy jessie and cuppie both have bdays in august. so, of course, they both had a big bday bash at royale to celebrate!

i made jessie a small plush cuppie. try not to be too hard on the little guy, i kinda' can't sew...

here are some pics from the event!

royale debuted a new flavor in jessie's honor--the royale with cheese! here it is posing with two skagit valley strawberry baby cakes.

the post would not be complete without the bday girl posing as mia wallace with a royale with cheese! HAPPY BDAY, JESSIE!

the rest of the weekend, weeell, i'll let you see how exciting it was. i put together puzzles! (*so* exciting) one of the deer had an unintentionally funny puzzle edge.

i topcoated them so i could hang them up in the bathroom.

we're going for the "i'm an old lady" mixed with "kitsch lodge" aesthetic in that room.

in keeping with old lady style, here are my cats.

now i gotta' go. the dnc is on in less than two hours and i have work to do before i watch boring speeches. ta!


Cakespy said...

My favorite birthday present like ever!!!!!! Thank you again! And again! Times a hundred!

r4kk4 said...

i'm *so* blushing! and you're VERY welcome!