Monday, August 18, 2008

luxurious nuts and other assorted things

q: what's better than luxurious nuts,

bringin sexy back

and rubber band balls that are larger than the space needle?

a: fujiko!!

ok, i was biased with that answer. she is an amazing little cat.

speaking of amazing, that's an adjective that could also be applied to the past weekend! in addition to getting my hair dyed black with blue and purple streaks

(it's hard to see indoors. sorry 'bout that.)

i also had some *fabulous* hazelnut pear french toast off the oregon breakfast menu at the 5 spot!

man, i'm drooling just looking at it!

accompanying the amazingness of the weekend was a heaping helping of oddity. while i don't have pictures, leff and i witnessed all of the following while we were out walking: an adorable leash trained orange tabby named rockstar bob, two people fencing in some shrubs and a cheesy photoshoot involving a girl (who had one cheddar filled pose) at kerry park.

the clouds were also nice.

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