Monday, August 11, 2008

my paper crane and one lazy weekend

first i have a question. badminton is a freakin' olympic sport? when the hell did that happen?!

but back to nonsporting items. friday was fantastic! heidi of my paper crane was in town for her show "if you lived here you would be home now" at schmancy!

heidi is incredible. i can't stress that enough! i've been a fan of hers for a loooong time so i knew that she was awesome. but meeting her in person just brought the awesomeness home, tender vittles! heidi rocks!

so does jessie who is also in that photo. that is, in fact, a photo of two awesome ladies!

since i seem to be at a loss for coherent words, why don't you enjoy photos from the show?

the rest of my weekend has been snoozy

which might explain why i have no vocab skills today. i think i need another nap.

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