Friday, August 29, 2008

i heart barack!, more of flatstock 18, i went to the eye doc

i'm still getting chills from barack's speech last night, sweetpeas!

("pop barack" (barack obama made from 4 packs of pop rocks for suspect and fugitive)

but i'm kinda' glad that the dnc is over. i was, frankly, growing weary of all of the crying that i've been doing during the speeches. (i feel i should add, crying's not my thing. like, ever. if i ever ran for office, my slogan would be "stoicism for the masses!" har har (i'm lying. i'd somehow find a way to recycle "a chicken in every pot" because, honestly, that rocks even if it did come from a republican.))

where was i? oh yeah! we got another print! "it sleeps" by design medicine!

it's the first of two cepholapod prints that we got. hooray!

what else is new? i went to the optometrist and found out that i'm a genetic freak of nature!

apparently, i have some really rare thing where i'm near sighted in one eye and far sighted in the other. (not kidding. my glasses will have one +1 lens and one -1 lens.)

i'm *really* excited about this not because i'm thrilled to be some genetic mutant (my paternal grandmother had this or something very similar (according to padre) BUT because my lack of depth perception explains WHY I KEEP RUNNING INTO THINGS! so, it's not that i'm clumsy or unused to being tall (my standard lame joke for when i slam into doors, walls and bookshelves) but simply because i can't see.

how insane is that?!?

the new glasses might also help get rid of the remaining clustery, migrainish headaches. and it might even make me look like tina fey. (no, that won't happen but one can hope!)

another bonus? i've started calling my right eye my "haunted eye" and telling leff that i'm going to get it an exorcism if it's covered under our medical plan. also? i can give him the evil eye just by closing my left eye and proclaiming "EVIL EYE!!! HAUNTED!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!"

heh heh.

right, have a great labor day weekend if you're in the states! if not, enjoy the regular weekend!

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