Friday, August 15, 2008

the lab and pictures of screens

hey there, pup tents! first a bit of self promotion. i'll be giving a short talk about suspect and fugitive at the next velocity lab on wed 8/20/08.

more info is here but you should know right now that cakespy jessie will also be one of the people talking that night! i mean, hello, awesomeness!

anyway, drop by! say hello! enter to win some suspect and fugitive cards!

have i ever mentioned how much i love the "freeze" button on our new remote? it makes synchronized diving even that much more enjoyable! (it also makes me think of a wham video for some reason. maybe it's all that jumping?)

i can't tell you how much those four photos made me giggle. it was a new hobby (photographing frozen images of divers jumping) that lasted about ten minutes.

in game news at casarakkaleff, we downloaded the new homestar game from wii ware.

so far it's made me fall asleep. but, in its defense, i was really tired. perhaps it will be better now that i've gotten some rest.

i'm also playing cake mania!

so far it's not as manic as the title suggests but i could see it becoming quite frantic.

what's on tap for this weekend? probably tracking down the gossip girl books. (oh hush! it's hot outside. i can afford to turn off my brain for a while.)


Phil Wilson said...

holy cow, there are Gossip Girl books?!?!?!

r4kk4 said...

fuck yeah, sweets!

they based the series on them!