Friday, August 22, 2008

taking a deep breath

many thanks to those of you who turned up for the velocity lab on such a cruddy night!

and thanks for the warm reception of suspect and fugitive! you guys rocked! (special thanks to striatic for dropping by! i hope your wife is feeling better!)

i'm not actually taking a deep breath. it's still too busy for that! in fact, it's been so busy that i still don't know what the hell is going on in "murder ahoy!" and i've tried to watch it three times!

in other news, i FINALLY fucking got access to my old rakka account on flickr again after almost a whole goddmaned month. whatever. at least i can use it again.

oh! also! "the cho show"! awesome or awesomest? I LOVE YOU MARGARET CHO!!!

k, work needs to be done. see you on monday!


Groc said...

murder ahoy!

do you need me to help explain it to you?

r4kk4 said...


nah, i'll just watch it again when i'm not preoccupied.

although, i *do* have to thank you for recommending the margaret rutherford marples! they're FANTASTIC!