Monday, April 30, 2007

huh?? what day is it???

look. sometimes, after a particularly horrid week like the one named april 22-28, 2007, you have to waste an entire weekend watching tv and eating chicken and waffles.

i know, i know. it's really blurry but i was more into eating the food than taking a picture of it.

i swear today i'll do something before i start watching "heroes" again. (only eight more to go and i'm caught up!)


the next episode looks really tempting though...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

tv and the wilhelm scream

i wasted saturday and i don't care. i spent hours watching "30rock" and "heroes". and when a came over with pizza and ice cream (thanks, a!), i continued watching tv although this time it was "jonny quest".

have i mentioned that the quest magic works better than any narcotic? three episodes almost put all of us to sleep. (i've filed that away for dealing with future bouts of insomnia.)

other than tv, i spent some time listening to the wilhelm scream. (warning: it autoplays.) every time this particular scream is used in a movie that i'm watching, my suspension of disbelief is shattered simply because i think it's weird that a scream that was recorded in 1951 is still being used.

also, it makes me think of "star wars".

right, i think i'm going to watch some more tv now until it's time to ride the water taxi. (free this weekend. whooo!!)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

food, cat photo, food, cat photo

i *so* do not want to be awake right now. that's why i'm posting two photos of food and two cat photos and going back to bed. 'night.

Friday, April 27, 2007

thursday breaks the pattern

*finally* a day this week that didn't suck balls.

haha. isn't that funny? it's a picture of a ball under the words "suck balls". ("it says "choo-choo-choose me" and there's a picture of a train.")

that's not to say that i have anything to write about because, frankly, i don't. after a short trip to the ballard library, i spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing. yep, dull.

and tonight i'm not really going to do much else 'cept eat fish tacos and watch "jonny quest". ah, "jonny quest". a great opening but, honestly, a crap show. (it was also the name of a band in knoxville in the early '90's but i never saw them play.)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

the kaiser chief instore that wasn't

my week has still not fully recovered. it's been taken out of icu but it's still touch and go.

by this i mean that stupid shit is continuing to happen. case in point, last night's kaiser chiefs instore at easy street that leff, a and i showed up for. all week long, this had been billed as an instore performance only for it to turn into a freakin' dj set and signing. argh! (the dj set? it was songs that the kaiser chiefs had picked out. including "tooty fruity". what is it with british rock bands and their 50's american rock thing?? do you not realize that we've cannibalized all of that american culture and turned into advertising many times over by this point? *sigh*)

anyway, here's the back of one of their heads while they were signing something.

i guess it wasn't a total waste since i was able to see how close the space needle is to spain.

(thanks to pants for that observation, btw.)

today is a library day, i guess. and maybe some sort of sacrificial burning of herbs to some deity to make my week stop sucking so much. do you think that cumin counts?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

cherry soda, things to do

there's still a lot going on around here that i don't want to write about. (it's been a seriously crappy week. you *don't* want to read about it.) but the diet cherry soda that i drank yesterday was nice.

some fun things are coming up. the monthly tour of the paramount is on the 5th. (which is also derby day but no one but me cares about that. post time is at 6 p.m.!)

also on the 5th and bleeding into the 6th is sam's 35 hour reopening spectacular *fireworks*.

i'll be attempting to be there between 3 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. on saturday morning.

k, back to the drudgery.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


this week to date has been something that i'd rather forget so i'll give you three photos and leave it at that.

Monday, April 23, 2007

book sale, swimming dogs, ghost bag

yesterday was half price sunday at the seattle public library sale.

you know what deep discounting means, right? lots and lots of people in the midst of lots and lots of books!

we (a, cl, b, leff and i) were only there for about an hour or so but i found some really awesome (where awesome = disgusting) cookbooks. cl found some old programming books (one even had a punchcard included inside!) that he carried around in this cool ass glow in the dark ghost bag.

browsing for books in the airplane hangar will wear you out. so we took a break to hang out with the puppies at the off leash park.

there's new tennis ball launching technology that was on display by the lake. i had no idea that such a product existed! it almost makes me want to own a dog.

we spent the rest of the day eating, drinking and drinking. which, you know, is how these things usually go.

today i need to recycle beer bottles and finish being preoccupied with what i'm being preoccupied with.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

i'm sorry, j., plus the reasons why i ended up being so exhausted

first of all, i have to apologize to j for not making it to the whprwhil cd release show. i'm very, very, very sorry. leff and i will definitely by at the ss marie antoinette show on monday.

i knew that i shouldn't have gone to the seattle cherry blossom festival twice yesterday. (once in the early a.m. by myself, twice when leff and i met b and cl there.) but, you know how i have a weakness for japanese culture. and pink stuff.

the 1000 cherry trees being fĂȘted were given to the city by late japanese prime minister takeo miki for the u.s. bicentennial celebration in 1976. so that makes them from japan and pink. i'm powerless when these things are combined. (furthermore, if you throw a hello kitty on it, i'm toast. i wish i could explain this compulsion but i can't.)

although the blossoms had already fallen off they made a beautiful carpet.

the festival was really fun too. there were things that you would expect to see like ikebana and origami, etc., etc.

but ichiro was also there. albeit in cardboard form.

and blessedmain played (although i missed that because i'd come back home to rest up a bit. damn cold!)

also, there were a lot of people in costume. here are three.

the festival continues today. it's worth dealing with the center to go. plus it's free and that's always good.

i drug b, cl and leff to the fun forest because i wanted to see if the log flume was open. it is!

i'm *so* riding that on my bday this year!

we also spent a little while in the emp gift shop because we were debating whether or not to track down the pop conference. (we decided not to and went to mcmenamins instead.)

and THEN i had to rush off to a hair appointment! gah! (i'd forgotten that i'd scheduled it for that saturday until, well, saturday! gah!)

anyway, long story short, the above plus lingering cold is why i was too exhausted to make it to the cd release party. that makes me a horrible friend. i honestly do suck.

the good news, however, is that i slept for about 12 hours last night. so i will, hopefully, have enough energy to not collapse at the spl book sale. (i have to make leff dose with dayquil, like, ten minutes ago to make sure he can withstand the bookage too. AND i need to get my ass in gear so i can make breakfast for a, cl and b!! gah!! gah!!!)

so with all those gahs in place, i've got to go.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

whprwhil and contraband banana bread

*testing* is this making sense? i ask because i've been up since 2:30 watching horrid, terribly contrived performance art (is there any other kind?!) on mute and it's kinda' warped my current world view. (why was i watching it if i hate it so much? simple. i was trying to bore myself to sleep.)

anyway, friday was not hammy or stilted or any other derisive adjective. (performance art irks me so, can you tell?) nope, it was, in fact, centered around cake baking. the plans:

the cake:

it's for the whprwhil cd release party tonight at 8 pm at dearborn house. you should go!

friday was also about setting up a new etsy page, etc, etc. but before that, j and i had coffee at uptown where he snuck in some contraband mini banana bread from starbucks.

it was very tasty. it didn't taste like fear at all.

ok, i'm gonna give the sleeping thing another shot. i'll leave you with this performance artist joke that i found here.

Q: when is a performance artist NOT a performance artist?
A: when it's ajar.

Friday, April 20, 2007

two kinds of food

heya, chickadees! i don't have much new to report (i spent a lot of thursday catching up on things that i'd let fall by the wayside earlier in the week) except that 1) my new swapatorium article is up. this time it's for jellied turkey salad.

yeah, the gelatin didn't set. oh well.

2) leff and i split some americone dream! it's delicious!

somehow i feel that i should have put the ice cream picture first in the entry. oh well, too late now.

today i've got to make a cake for j's cd release party. and, i dunno', maybe try to obliterate my cold the rest of the way. because it's lingering, kittens. (i hate these guys!!!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007


oh, hello there! sorry to have been gone so long but you know how it goes sometimes when you catch a particularly nasty head cold. (i'm feeling a lot better now, thanks!)

in my time away, i did nothing much other than read (special topics in calamity physics and heavier than heaven in their entirety and large parts of company and devil's knot. i read very fast, what can i say.) and watch a sizable amount of television. (a whole season of "ellen" but everything else was rather forgettable.)

which means no photos from those days. but i do have pictures from sunday when leff and i took the exorcist stairs

to the amgen park. (we kept walking until we got to the sculpture park.) anyway, here's sunday in four more photos.

(it's the bourgois fountain at the sculpture park. so that means that this is a bourgois ass.)

i think it may have been the starbucks sample that made me sick. damn you, sbux! grrrr!!

anyway, i've got a lot of things to catch up on since i was all personna all snotta the past few days. see you tomorrow!

Monday, April 16, 2007

no post for you

i caught some stupid cold so now i'm down for the count, etc, until i can produce enough leukocytes to kick this thing's ass.

see you when i feel better.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

info not got

when one spends a great deal of one's saturday reading the bulk of grotesque and putting a smallish dent into special topics in calamity physics as well as watching "little miss sunshine", one tends to have a lot of info not got

in regard to the outside world.

as such, the only photo that one (one = me in this equation) will take will be of a tapped public phone.

and it won't be a good one.

today i'm dying to see the new aqua teen movie. well, either that or reading some more. i know, i know, yawn, but i have a need to see if calamity physics will maintain its present spate of frenetic parenthetical citation. (*whispering* i think that it does. i skimmed ahead a bit.)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

another gross food entry down

a lot of what happened last night i can't write about until next friday. so let me say a quick thank you to d and j, ch, c and k, b and cl, a and s for all dropping by! next time i'll try to be living in a bigger apartment so it's not as crowded. haha.

i can mention that i was successful in getting someone to play "katamari" (i'd been wanting to watch it all day. not play it, mind, but watch it.)

so yeah, thanks, cl for unwittingly participating in my subliminal experiment (i played the soundtrack to the game in the kitchen earlier in the evening. mwah-haa!!) and for picking up the controller! hooray!

i can mention that b and i had a shootout! kapew!! kapew!!

and that she also shot cl!!

oh noes!

i also feel safe in saying that, why, yes. we did drink some beer.

which, well, considering the "food" that was being "served", um, yeah. you'd've been drinking too if you'd been there. i'm almost sure of it.

the rest? yeah, sorry. i've got to save it until next week. for now, i've got to get started on video editing. le sigh...

Friday, April 13, 2007

happy friday the 13th!!

or, if you happen to be my little brother, happy 30th birthday! (um, i guess the "little" doesn't really apply so much anymore. esp since he's, like, six foot four now...)

anyway, happy bday, tumtum! have a bus photo!

(bwah-haa-haaaa!!!! sorry, sorry. *wiping tears from eyes* that's an oooold inside joke. hahah!)

(oh, redneck bus image taken from here.)

right, thursday. hmmm, more busy work, some party prep and about two hours of "ci". what? you're surprised by that last bit?

leff and i made a quick stop by larry's for party booze and somehow this whisk came home with us.

don't look at me. i have no idea how it got into our basket.

k, it's time to run. i've got to clean, cook, etc for the swapatorium party tonight.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

one corey, ice cream, grotesque

the highlights of yesterday? the "true hollywood story" about corey feldman (my favorite corey, for the record, even despite his michael jackson phase.) and uuuh...oh yes! i drew a lot! *whew* so i didn't waste most of the day!

later in the pm, j came by for lasagna. and then ice cream! which, of course, was turned into ice cream sammiches. (i'll turn anything into a sandwich. i like portable food. *shoulder shrug*) anyway, here's j with the melon baller (*giggling*)

i asked him if he'd like to use the reamer after the baller but he politely declined. haha!

here's his finished open faced ice cream sammiches with magic shell and lime zest.

awesome presentation!

i started reading grotesque later that night after "futurama" was over. (wow, how exciting.) it's a pretty good book so far.

oh! looks like we're getting a new water heater installed tomorrow (we just got a note on the door) which means that i should make my swapatorium food today in case i need hot water. ciao for now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i am boring but shed is so t eh roxx!!eleventy!

while i was busy labeling food that can't be eaten until friday

and adoring my new ring

and bracelet,

shed was off getting short listed twice for a bafta cymru in best new media (not film or tv related)!! well played, master shed!!! i applaud you with great vigor and wish that i could be there watching you stalk dai-ten! (i'm sittin' at ur table, watchin' ur stalking. bwah-haa-haa!)

now though, it's time i got back to rl. that party cheese isn't going to watch itself. (hahaha!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i'm singing a tegan and sara song while i'm typing this

monday (x3) was sooo boring. no, wait, let me rephrase that. monday was super productive for me but it would be incredibly dull for you to read about. i cleaned, i researched, i conquered?

in research mode, i came across this recipe.

i really wish that i could make "deviled beef toss" for my swapatorium post this month. but, alas, there is no accompanying photo.

at night i used up some left over pink lemon batter and made a cake which i then topped with raspberry jam. delish! (but what an awful photo.)

see, boring!

meh, i'm gonna' stop writing now and get some coffee.

Monday, April 09, 2007

easter picnic, twilight princess

sunday morning was all sunny and cheery. perfect weather for a picnic really. (but not so much for the hangovers that leff and i were sporting. ungh...)

still, perfect picnic weather was fortuitous since s threw a big easter bash at green lake.

j and other s (who will forever more be called sa just so i don't have to keep writing "other s".) were kind enough to give me and leff a ride out to the park. oh, and to also entertain us with juggling, dancing and photo sessions.

s and w arrived with food a short while later. i only have photos of the lovely cake

and candy

because, come on, i was freakin' hungover. although, for some reason, that didn't preclude me from taking a photo of the butter with a deer on it. how odd.

heh heh. it says "challenge butt". heh heh.

anyway, it was a lovely picnic. many thanks again to s and w for everything!

after a loooooooooong, rainy trip home, leff started a game of "twilight princess". (it's taken this long to get it from gamefly.)

so far it's good. and, yes, it is darker than other zeldas. leff and i both are kinda' perplexed by some of the similarities to "okami" (both have wolves, similar looking spirit gods, er, that's all i've got right now...i could've sworn there were more.). but, you know, it's not affecting our enjoyment of the game. esp since leff changed link's name to a prinny joke.

your name is d00d. haha!

today i'm not doing a damn thing except research and prep on a few projects. seriously, i'm not leaving the neighborhood. unless someone bribes me with a trip to trophy but i don't see that happening.