Tuesday, April 03, 2007

some easter stuff

most of monday was spent reorganizing the apt in a kind of ocd fueled spring cleaning. as such, this rust bee

didn't stay in the sink too long. but i thought it looked cool enough to take a photo first.

around lunch i took a break to buy some easter candy. while at the pharmacy, i saw a "hatch-n-grow chick egg". you KNOW i couldn't pass up something like that, right?

it has to stay submerged in water for 12-24 hours. here it is last night.

and this morning.

oh look! my "chick" is hatching!

fine, don't get excited about my lame easter toy. perhaps you'd like to see a delusional cocoa peep?

like that half of a chocolate egg was ever going to work as a helmet! ha! i *so* ate his ears and the helmet! silly little peep!

i'm sure you've used your deductive reasoning skills (although perhaps you chose to go with abductive reasoning because you enjoy equations. hee hee!) to figure out how boring my monday was. to be honest, tuesday has the same sort of feel about it. although, i'll probably have some sketches finished by the end of the day. exciting for me, probably not so much for you.

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